Graduation Thank You Cards

A graduate should be commended for all the hard work to date, but it’s also critical to convey the importance of sending a proper thank-you to those who helped him or her get to there – and to those who were there to celebrate. A formal thank-you should be handwritten and placed in the mail for every gesture – from the receipt of a gift to attendance at the ceremony. Graduates should also be encouraged to reach out to anyone who gave influential advice or vital support along the way. You can teach graduates that the importance of this kind of formal thank-you is two-fold…

Thank You Cards

The first is that it’s just plain good manners to say thanks – and this message should be primary and paramount. A simple thank-you note at the end of the year does wonders for filling the emotional tank of teachers, coaches and counselors who give countless hours to their students. The second is that it can’t ever hurt to have someone on your side. If you express authentic gratitude to a great professor now, for example, you might be that much more likely to get a letter of recommendation down the road should you need one.

Likewise, if you say a meaningful thanks to a friend or family member who gave you support – be it academic, emotional or financial – you’ll be that much more likely to benefit from the same type of support going forward.

And, believe it or not, even if said graduate resists the task of writing thank-you notes, his or her confidence will be greatly boosted by saying thanks. Saying thank-you builds communication confidence in kids. Learning to communicate in a constructive, proactive way now will help build the confidence to communicate down the road with professors or prospective employers. This is an important life lesson – and a crucial step in growing into a confident and empowered adult.

Here are some of our favorite Graduation Thank You Notes:

Thank You for Celebrating with Me Guests who attend a graduation party – regardless of whether they brought a gift – should be thanked. Mixbook’s Typography Poster graduation-party thank you card is perfect for sending out gratitude to anyone who made the effort to be there for the party! The graduate can handwrite a short personal message inside to acknowledge any salient advice, special gesture or gift given on the occasion.

Typography Poster

Custom Photo Thank You Card For graduates excelling in a specific school like music or sports, use a photograph of him or her doing their thing. Friends, family members, coaches, teachers and counselors will love receiving a thank you card depicting the grad in his or her element.

"Grad Banner Thank You" Graduation Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards Just for Teachers, Professors and School Staff Mixbook’s Grad Apple thank you card is perfect for sending to everyone who ever helped the grad in any way. Order a large pack of customized cards, because there’s usually a long list of folks that you’ll want to say a special thank-you to. Have extras on hand so everyone feels appreciated, from the principal and the music teacher to librarians and office admins.

Graduation Thank You Cards

Perfect Thank You for Everyone Order lots of general graduation thank you cards. They’re perfect for sending thank-yous to anyone and everyone – from friends and family to teachers and coaches. Their compact size lets the grad write a personal note that’s short, sweet and heartfelt.

"Bold Celebration" Graduation Thank You Cards

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Thank-You-Note Writing! Remember…it’s a life skill that will pay off, we promise.

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