Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

photo-1477241219470-e4f7fa400a9b It's almost Halloween weekend and we're ready to shove handfuls of candy into our mouths! The decorations are set, the glue is drying on our DIY Netflix "Stranger Things" costume, pumpkin goodies are baking, and the playlist is ready! Throwing a Halloween party is unlike any other party in our opinion. There's food, candy, drinks, games, costumes, and that anxious feeling of being spooked.

If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, games are a must-have to keep the laughter going. Both kid and adult Halloween party games are full of mischief, dancing, unexpected scares, and delightful goodies.

Adult Halloween Party Games

Mystery Shot Trivia

Draw up a set of classic horror movie trivia questions. Here's a free set of questions you can copy/paste into a Word doc and use. If your guest gets the question correct, they pick a drink of their choice. If they answer incorrectly...mystery shot! The suspense is killer.

Monster Mash Square Off

Pair up your party goers and give them each a sheet of newspaper. Lay the newspaper down underneath them. Play the classic Halloween track Monster Mash and have your guests dance around the newspaper. As soon as the music stops, they must both stand on top of the newspaper. The catch here - they must fold the newspaper smaller and smaller after each round. The last pair standing on their papers win! Think of it like dancing musical chairs. This would be a great game later in the evening when your guests are "off-balanced".

Forbidden Words

Choose a word your guests aren't allowed to say during your party. Maybe the word is "Halloween", "costume", or "scary". Place beaded necklaces around your guests, and each time they trip up and say the forbidden word, they must forfeit a necklace. The last one with remaining necklaces is the winner! Urge your guests to try to sabotage each other to create atmosphere of intrigue and competition.

Under a Spell

Conjure up a tray of tasty delights (mini cocktail potions, cocktails, small bites to eat) and have them pick a card. After enjoying their goodie, your guests have to do what the card says. They're under a spell! Include commands like: Bark like a dog, tell the nearest person your greatest fear, pick a person to scare, or even kiss the person to your left!


Kids Halloween Party Games

Mummy Wrap

Split your kiddos into teams of three. One mummy. Two wrappers. First team to get through their toilet paper roll and cover their mummy wins!

Bobbing for Poison Apples

This classic party game is always fun! Watch as your guest dive deep in search of apples. Add large green apple for bonus points.

Pin the Skull on the Skeleton

Give the kids a spin around before attempting to get Mr. Skeleton's head back on right. This spooky version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be repurposed for many holiday occasions.

Mystery Grab Bags

Place various mystery containers and have your guest dare to reach inside! Fill them with various creepy textures like spaghetti (guts), grapes (eyeballs), gummy worms (worms), or jelly (brains). Watch their faces when they squirm!

Cute girl dressed as a witch holding Halloween treats.

Photo Booth

Adults and kids all love a good photo opp! Photo booths are the must have at your Halloween party. Capture all your guests amazing costumes in photos to remember the fright night festivities. Turn those photos into a photo book so guest can relive their favorite party memories every year.


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