4 Fun and Easy Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

There’s something about a Halloween bash that captivates kids of all ages. License to act goofy and partake in fun activities like getting messy with gourds and working hard to look ugly rather than pretty has broad appeal. So give in to the once-a-year fun that kicks off a season of more serious celebrating with a party that’s spooky or silly complete with ridiculous snacks and crazy costumes. Haunted House Whether you hang up a few ghosts, a cackling crow and a jumping spider or you go all out in the spirit of Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, it’s fun to host a Halloween party with a haunted house theme. Send out one of Mixbook’s great haunted-house themed party invitations, then enlist your kids to help decorate with everything from cobwebs and cauldrons to bats and rats. They’ll love coming up with ingenious ways to scare friends and family who arrive unsuspecting. Designate a single area as the scary spot, say the garage or the basement, so that younger kids and parents can retreat to non-spooky zones of the house. For snacks, set out crepe paper wrapped waters or juices to resemble mummies, and serve them alongside some of these amazing non-candy Halloween snacks.

Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Invites

Costume Party Who doesn’t love a great costume party?! Host a party on or around Halloween so that kids and adults alike can embody an alternate persona for an afternoon or evening. Send out Mixbook’s Halloween Polka Dotted party invitation, indicating whether the dress-up code has a specific theme – like Pokemon, Superheroes or Teen Titans – or not. Plan to give out prizes in multiple categories, from ‘most creative’ to ‘most realistic’ to ‘hardest to recognize.’ Set up a photo booth to capture everyone’s alternate identities, then compile the photos from your party in a fun post-even party favor – a mini Halloween Mixbook photo book!

Halloween Party Invitations

Pumpkin-Carving Party Invite friends and family over for an afternoon or evening of pumpkin carving a few days before Halloween. Send out one of Mixbook’s pumpkin-carving themed invitations, indicating whether it’s BYOG (bring-your-own-gourd) or not. Have newspaper-wrapped tables set up for the messy work of cleaning pumpkins, including scoops, bowls for seeds, pumpkin-carving tools, tea lights and matches. Designate one adult to help with each station, including one to wash, dry and roast pumpkin seeds. Have a big pot of mulled cider on the stove along with big mugs for addressing the new chill in the air. Keep it simple with seeds and cider for snacks or put out any one of the snacks listed in this great collection of non-sugar Halloween snacks.

"Pumpkin Silhouettes" Halloween Party Invitations"Pumpkin Carving Party" Halloween Party Invitations"Carving Party" Halloween Party Invites

Monster Bash Host a Halloween party that celebrates the best monsters of all time, from Frankenstein to Scully. Send out Mixbook’s Frankenstein invitation, indicating that guests should come dressed as their favorite monster. Set the scene by decorating your entryway with a custom Monster Door and Monster Windows. Serve up Monster cookies, fruit bowls and monster mouths, then play a rollicking game of monster beanbag toss. For a fun kid-friendly craft, have kids make monster party hats. Remember to take lots of pictures and create a fun photo book after the event to remember your monstrously successful party!

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Halloween partying!

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