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From decorating the front lawn with the kids to pumpkin patches, school parties and trick-or-treating, there are lots of reasons to snap photos in October. This year, create a fun photo book that chronicles every fun activity associated with Halloween. You know not to miss kids picking pumpkins, dressing up and going door-to-door for candy, but there are lots of other ways to capture the creepy fun of the season. Here are a few of our favorite ways.

Halloween Photo Books

Photo BOO-th Set up a spooky backdrop for posed photos. From a front-yard cemetery scene complete with a fog machine to a gauze-draped entryway fit for a haunted house or creepy silhouettes of black cats and monster shadows, a moody background sets the mood for frightening photos perfect for collecting in a photo book. If you’re throwing a costume party, guests can mash-up their disguise with extra accessories, think: Frankenstein hits the beach, Miley Cyrus joins a convent, or Cat Woman gets married. And if a guest arrives without a costume, you’ll have plenty of extras to fashion a last-minute Halloween ensemble. Upload all your party pics into Mixbook’s brand-new photo book template Spooktacular Halloween.

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Adams Family If you and your family members or a group of friends go in on a theme costume, whether you choose the various members of the Adams family, a team of ninjas, Volutri from Twilight or a group of Minions from Despicable Me, have a full-on photo shoot where you play out various key scenes that define each of you in your characters. Create a photo book with Mixbook to do justice to the group effort, using stickers and text to supplement the pictures with icons and quotes from the movie or show that inspired you. The collage templates within the Spooktacular Halloween theme are perfect for showcasing all your favorite group photos.

Halloween Photo Ideas

Action Series Snap photos of family and friends applying method acting to their Halloween persona. Have them actively “play the part” while snapping a series of photos that creates the sense of a stop-action photo collage. Let each character you photograph have a few pages in a photo book. Choose stickers and text to further add to the robust rendering of this master of his or her craft. Include character quotes in their original form or – even cuter – in their erroneous retelling. After the photo shoot, be sure to snap trick-or-treating action shots, with little characters reaching for the doorbell or standing with great anticipation at the front doors of neighborhood homes.

Halloween Photo Book Ideas

Freaky Filters Create a Mixbook Instagram photo book with vintage-style Halloween photographs by playing with filters. Go on Pinterest and search by “vintage Halloween photos” to get inspired, then set up some eerie photos with burned-out gray-scale or sepia photos to create a photo book that’s bound to make your blood run cold. Whether you gravitate to glam shots or eerie antiqued prints, your Halloween photo book will take on a creepy quality that can’t be duplicated with modern Halloween decorations and full-color backdrops. If you look at a lot of vintage Halloween photos, you’ll also notice that many of them are quite suburban, which somehow adds to the spookiness. If you live in a neighborhood that goes big for Halloween, consider snapping shots of some of the more over-the-top front-yard extravaganzas. Use an Instagram filter to play with contrast and amp up the creepy factor of the portrait. If you think it’s scary now, just wait twenty years. Your Mixbook will still be looking fabulous, and your photos will be a bone-chilling time-capsule of Halloweens past.

Halloween Photo Ideas

Animals Incognito If you’ve ever been to a costume party for pets, you know how creative people get when it comes to dressing up their fuzzy loves. If you get a kick out of pet costumes – or know someone who would – consider creating a photo book that catalogs the best pet costumes of the year. Snap a shot of the neighbors’ mutts dressed up as sushi, four-legged superheros, canine pirates, dog-eating sharks, Rover royalty, astro-cats and R2Dpooch. It’s a fun, frivolous project that will keep you and your friends laughing for a long time. Mixbook’s Halloween photo book is the perfect format for showing off your favorite costumed pets. And for the uncooperative cat or canine, you can play with stickers to give them a virtual costume. Witches hats and devil horns make quick work of disguising any party-pooper pets.

Halloween Photo Books

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