Photography Tip: Can't Miss Halloween Photos

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to make sure you get all those great photos to include in your Mixbook. Don’t forget all the preparation that occurs before Halloween, in addition to the celebration on the actual 31st; these are all perfect opportunities to snap some photos for your project. Whether it’s for your Year in Review book, or the annual Halloween Mixbook, here are a few tips for photos you don’t want to miss! Decorations A lot of the fun in Halloween comes from the opportunity to decorate your house. For once it doesn’t have to look pristine and beautiful. Instead, you get to bring out the cobwebs, monsters and of course, the pumpkins! Make sure to snap photos of your house's transformation from serene to creepy. Don't forget the action shots of everyone helping decorate! The trip to the pumpkin patch is also something to document. From choosing just the right pumpkin to jumping into a bale of hay, there are plenty of opportunities for great candid photos.

This layout was created with the Halloween theme.Pumpkin Patch

Once you bring the pumpkin home, make sure to capture the entire pumpkin carving process. Take photos before, during and after, just make sure to keep the camera pumpkin free!

This layout was created with the Halloween theme.Pumpkin Carving

Costumes Dressing up is probably the funnest thing about Halloween – for both children and adults alike! Capture the entire process, from walking into the store to choose the costume, all the way to the day or night of getting ready. If this year’s costume involves scary make-up or intricate hair, capture the entire process to really show the change. Check out these photos of the make-up process from Life Pics. Click through the photo for even more Halloween photo taking ideas!

Costume Transformation

Once everyone’s dressed, don’t forget to snap some group photos. Have the group pose according to their character, with scary faces or even pose a scene! These photos are sure to get a giggle when looking back on this particular Halloween.

This layout was created with the Year in Review theme.Costume Photo Shoot

Halloween Day The big day is here and it’s time to capture their excitement! Before and after photos are great to keep in mind. Take a photo at the beginning of the night, when the children are excited and have empty bags. Contrastingly, take a photo at the end of the night, when the kids are tired, but still excited about all their candy loot! Don’t forget to snap a few candid and posed photos during the trick or treat session as well! This will help them remember the fun they had that night, talking with friends, seeing scary houses and saying trick or treat at every doorstep!

This layout was created with the A Year to Remember theme.Trick of Treating

Remember, the same concepts can be applied to Halloween parties as well. Take lots of candids to capture the action, from dancing to party games. Don’t forget group photos as well! If a few friends have a similar theme going on, get them together for a group shot!

These are just a few scenarios to keep in mind. Looking for more Halloween photo ideas? Check out our entry on Halloween greeting cards! If you have an annual Halloween photo must, share it with us in the comments below. We’d love to see your photos and your completed Mixbooks as well! :) Happy Halloween!

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