How to Make DIY Christmas Decorations

How to Make DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas decor is always a hit - but where do you start? Personalized photo books and photo cards are great to utilize as home decor. Use this guide on how to make easy DIY Christmas decorations that your family and your guests will love.

How to Make DIY Christmas Decorations

When you're putting together your holiday theme, it's a lot more fun if you're actually making the decor. Check out these simple and easy DIY projects you can do in your own kitchen:

1. Ice lanterns for outdoor use

2. Gift box mantel decor

3. Pinecone Christmas trees

4. Glittery votive holders

5. Layered holiday centerpiece

DIY Christmas Decoration #1: Ice Lanterns 

Ice lanterns are a spectacular addition to your porch to celebrate the season and welcome holiday party guests. The best part is that they're easy to make.

What you need:

• Plastic containers of varying sizes

• Empty tin cans

• Rocks 

• Masking tape

• Faux greenery and berries

• Food coloring (optional)

Fill a small tin can (a soup can is perfect) with rocks and place it in the center of a plastic container. Tape it in place so it doesn't move, and then fill the plastic container to your desired height with water. Pack the area with faux greenery and berries, or add food coloring (or do both) to create a custom look. Remember not to fill it too full, because it'll expand as it freezes, and you don't want water inside the inner can. Put the containers in the freezer and wait (6 to 8 hours is usually enough time). Then, run slightly warm water over the outside of the outer can and the inside of the smaller can to loosen the ice. Slide your molds out, put a tea light inside and place the entire setup on your porch.

DIY Christmas Decoration #2: Gift Box Mantel Decor

Add some festivity to your mantel with gift box decor. It's just like wrapping presents, but with fabric. 

What you need:

• Empty boxes

• White wrapping paper

• Double-sided tape

• Fabric and fabric glue

• Decorative ribbon

Wrap each empty box with white paper to cover up its design. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap the entire thing, and use double-sided tape to hold it in place. Use fabric glue on all the outward-facing edges, and then use ribbon to decorate - just like you would with an under-the-tree gift.

DIY Christmas Decoration #3: Pinecone Christmas Trees 

Pinecone Christmas trees are a wonderful touch on the mantel or at guests' place settings during the holidays.

What you need:

• Pinecones of various sizes

• Glitter acrylic craft paint

• Hot glue

• Small clay pots

• Miniature ornaments and other embellishments

Spray paint your pinecones and allow them to dry. Use hot glue to secure each cone in a miniature clay pot, then glue ornaments and other embellishments on to make each one unique.

DIY Christmas Decoration #4: Glittery Candle Holders 

With a few supplies and a little creativity, you can make charming glittery votive holders to spruce up your holiday decor. 

What you need:

• Gloss finish Mod Podge

• Foam craft brushes

• Extra-fine glitter

• Glass candle holders

• Newspaper

Fill a plastic container with extra-fine glitter. Coat the outside of your candle holders with Mod Podge using a foam craft brush, then place it in the glitter. Gently turn the candle holder to make sure it's completely covered in glitter, then place it on newspaper to dry.

DIY Christmas Decoration #5: Layered Holiday Centerpiece

Craft your own spectacular holiday centerpiece in minutes with budget-friendly items from your local craft store.

What you need:

• An oval tray in red or green

• A 14-inch grapevine wreath

• A pedestal-based candle holder

• Faux evergreen, pinecones and flowers

• 1 cup of faux berries

Put the wreath in the center of a tray and position your candleholder in the center. Layer the faux evergreen and pinecones around the candle holder. Place a candle in the holder and fill the remaining space with berries. Finally, add your flowers strategically around the greenery.

<H6>Have You Done Your Own DIY Christmas Decor?</H6> 

If you've created your own spectacular Christmas decor, we'd love to see it. Please share your hard work in the comments or tag us on Instagram (we're @Mixbook) to show us how creative you are!

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