How to Make a Dog Themed Baby Announcement

How to Make a Dog Themed Baby Announcement

If you're like most expecting parents who already have four-legged family members, you're looking for great ways to incorporate your pup when you share the great news on social media. Check out these clever (and dog-friendly) ideas to let family and friends in on the big news.



Creative Baby Announcements With Dogs


Whether your canine companion is small, medium or large, these cute ideas incorporate him or her perfectly. You can choose to work with a professional photographer or capture these shots yourself; either way, they're going to be adorably entertaining and get the message across.


1. Our Pack is Growing


Place a pair of baby shoes next to your pup's paws (and if you have more than one dog, get them all to sit in a row with a pair of baby shoes at the end). Get a ground-level photo and caption it, "Our pack is growing by two feet."


2. Big Brother or Big Sister Sign


Put a sign around your favorite pooch's neck that says, "I'm going to be a big brother on (your due date)." Bonus points if you can catch your dog with a smile!



3. "They're Getting Me a Baby Human!"

Pose your pup near a chalkboard or whiteboard that says, "My parents are getting me a human on (your due date)!" Stick a copy of your ultrasound photo to the top of the board for an extra-cute touch.


4. The Battle for Attention


Face your four-pawed buddy and ask him or her to sit. Your photographer can capture a mid-level shot of your dog looking up at you that shows off your baby bump. Once you have the perfect photo, use your favorite photo editing app to overlay text that says, "The battle for Mommy's attention begins on (your due date)."


5. Daddy-Doggie Picture


Give Dad a parenting book written for men and have him invite your dog to share his chair or spot on the sofa. While Dad reads the book, get your pup to look directly at the camera. Take several shots so you can sort through and find your dog's best expression; when you find it, use a photo editing app to add a thought bubble that says, "I got this."



Photo Birth Announcements With Your Dog

After your little one arrives, you'll need traditional photo birth announcements with your dog, too. You can use "Fresh 48" photos your photographer took or use all the great shots of your pup and his or her new sibling getting to know each other. Choose foil cards to make a stunning impact, pick a flat card if simple and elegant is your style or select a magnetic birth announcement your family and friends will treasure. Include all your baby's essential stats - date of birth, weight and length - so the people you love can get the info they've been waiting for. To create your perfect birth announcements, check out our:

Girls' birth announcements

Boys' birth announcements

Twins' birth announcements

Adoption announcements

Did you and your canine pal announce your pregnancy together on social media? We'd love to hear how you spread the news, so please share your story in the comments!



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