How to Preview (and Proof!) Your Mixbook Projects

Previewing and editing your work is much simpler than you may think! Read this blog entry and you’ll quickly become a master! First off, let’s explain the difference between previewing your work and viewing it through the Mixbook Editor. When you are viewing your work through the Editor, there is always the possibility of accidentally moving elements in your book. However, through the preview mode, nothing can be moved. You are basically viewing your book the way it will print. :)

Now, how can you get to this preview page? Easy! From your “Home” tab, you can access all projects that are currently “In Progress.”

In Progress Projects Simply click on the project title you would like to view and it will take you directly to the preview page for that specific project.

Project PreviewFrom here you can flip through your book and review all the wonderful work you have done. Remember, this is how your book will look when it is sent to print, so this is a great way to make sure your project is exactly as you want it. You can also copy and paste this link into an e-mail and have your friends help review your projects! We know that sometimes, after working on a project for so long, it becomes harder to catch mistakes, so why not get a new set of eyes to look it over?

Another secret about this page is that you can find all the text you have typed into your book at the bottom of the page.

Project Page Text ContentThis is helpful for different reasons. My personal favorite is that you can highlight all the text in your book and paste it into a word document. Now why would you want to do this? Word documents can be checked for grammar and spelling! Once in the Word document, you can use the grammar and spell check tool to make sure your book will print without any typos. This also allows you to print out the text and make revisions on paper, instead of staring at a computer screen (for those of us old fashioned folk). :)

The text is separated by pages, which makes going back into your book even easier. Once you have identified all your revisions, click the “Edit” button at the top of the preview page and the Mixbook Editor will launch in a new window. Simply go to the pages that need revising and edit away. Once you are finished, you'll have an awesome book ready to print!

Have any tips on editing your projects before sending them to print? Share with us in the comment section below!

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