How to Write Valentine Greetings

How to Write Valentine Greetings


Valentine Greetings Made Easy

Everyone deserves a Valentine's Day greeting card. Whether you're celebrating with friends, the kiddos, or your significant other, writing the right type of message is important. With friends, greetings tend to be fun and playful. Valentine greetings to the kids are sweet and loving. Your significant other gets messages of love and admiration. Here are some great examples to get you started for your Valentine's Day greeting cards.

Don't forget to say "Happy Valentine's Day!" in your sign-off followed by your name or signature.

For Friends

  • "You deserve nothing but the best today."
  • "I'm lucky to be single with you today."
  • "I appreciate you more than chocolate and flowers."
  • "You're my favorite person. Like ever."
  • "We make being single look good."
  • "I hope she/he spoils you today because you deserve it!"
  • "You. Me. Cocktails tonight."

Tip: Don’t be afraid to go for a laugh. If your Valentine likes edgy or teasing humor, you already know it. If not, it’s almost always safe to make light of Valentine’s Day, yourself or love in general.

For Family

  • "Mom, you're my heart and I love you!"
  • "I hope you feel appreciated and loved today, Dad."
  • "Thank you for teaching me love and appreciation for everything."
  • "Consider this message a coupon good for one big hug and a movie night together."
  • "I'll always appreciate everything you do for me!"
  • "I hope you and Dad have a well-deserved Valentine's Day together."
  • "I love how special our family is. I love you!"
  • "From my brother, the puppy, the goldfish, and Dad, you're all my Valentines!"


Don't forget Grandma and Grandpa. Sharing well wishes of happy Valentine's Day will always make them smile.

For a Child

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart.”
  • "You're a cutie. I wonder where you got it from."
  • "Happy VDay to my little love bug!"
  • "I hope you have a day full of laughter and love."
  • "UR my QT!"
  • "You make my heart smile."
  • "I love being your mom. You deserve the world!"
  • "I hope you know how special you are to Mommy and Daddy."
  • "We love you so much. Happy Valentine's Day!"
  • "Xoxo to my little love!"


Accompany your greeting card with a lovable teddy bear or craft that the kids will enjoy.

For Your Significant Other

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous.”
  • “Wishing the sweetest, happiest day to my forever Valentine.”
  • "You're my world and today is all about you."
  • “Especially today, I hope you feel how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you in my life.”
  • “It's love at first sight. Over and over and over again."
  • “You have no idea how beautiful you are.”
  • “I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful [husband] than you.”
  • “My heart is all yours.”
  • “Thanks for being you and for being mine.”
  • “I love all the adventures we have together.”
  • “This will definitely be a kids-in-bed-early kind of night. XOXOXO”
  • "I'm so lucky to have you in my life."
  • "To many more Valentine's Days together. Cheers to our first!"
  • "Every Valentine's Day reminds me how blessed I am to have you."


These messages are the most personal. Include memories from the past or sentiments from the heart.

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