Inspiring Customer Projects Vol. 2

Inspiring Customer Projects Vol. 2


Inspiring customer projects 2 We often come across some beautiful photo projects from customers sharing their work on social media. It makes us so happy and proud to know they're enjoying Mixbook and allowing us to be a part of their memories. Our customers' stories are so diverse, we love following along on their adverntures through photography. Here are some great projects that caught our eye lately:

Beautiful wedding & anniversary photo books

Instagram @stephanieterrade

Instagram @bourbonandsparkle

Instagram @mrs_jb402

Instagram @brokeassbride

Instagram @respectthepinkdog

Travel photo books can recap your trip so you photos are stuck on your social media news feed.

Instagram @girlhive

Start a library that all travel junkies will admire.

Instagram @linhied

Grab your morning coffee and flip through your latest adverntures.

Instagram @awriternamederin

Recap books or yearbooks are an easy way to keep your memories from the school year and more in one great place to revisit

A retirement book for your favorite professor or office coworker.

Instagram @superg_chi

Recap your child's school year and include all the fun class activities, art projects, and favorite subjects.

Instagram @naptimecreations

Putting together your own college yearbook is definitely the way to go!

Instagram @haheyo

Custom calendars are endless fun! Enter your own favorite holidays and special anniversaries.

Custom calendars for pets allows you to bring your furry one to work with you!

Instagram @chibistagram21

Portfolios can really upgrade your professional career. Tattoo artists have been loving Mixbook as their go-to art books.

Instagram @lvlf_tattoo

Baby photo books capture the pregnancy journey all the way to baby's first memories.

Instagram @once_a_baller

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