I SPY DIY Jenni Radosevich's Exclusive Mixbook Designs

We’re excited to launch our premiere partnership with famed ‘Do-It-Yourself’ blogger Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY. Through a line of custom Mixbook greeting cards that feature her unique style, Jenni describes her vision as cool, colorful, with a little quirk! The cards will be available on mixbook.com beginning today, and will celebrate life’s “everyday” moments, from parties to a simple ‘thank you.’ Learn more about Jenny and her inspiration for the Mixbook designs here.

I SPY DIY Featured Designer Jenni Radosevich Mixbook partners with I SPY DIY

Jenni finds her inspiration from the runway, to thrift stores, to the pages of her favorite magazines. Her eye has a knack for absorbing the beauty in the little things. These custom designed cards carry a personal touch that’s timeless and meaningful. “With the crazy amount of time I spend looking at a screen, receiving a handwritten note is such a lovely surprise. You know someone went out of their way to do something nice. It always puts a smile on my face!”




Mod Thank You


With bright colors, simple shapes, and eye-catching type, these pieces are sure to leave any recipient with a smile on their face.

Canvas Prints Are Here!

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