Kid's Summer Mixbook Projects

Kid's Summer Mixbook Projects


Kid's Summer Mixbook Projects Activities It's their favorite time of year, but your most dreaded! School's out and the kids are free. Maybe too free. Keeping the kids busy over summer break can be a struggle. Sure we can let them play video games until their eyes cross or sleep in until dinner time, but that's not very productive. There's still hope to give your kids fun activities AND be productive. With Mixbook photo projects, the kids can have a blast during summer and create something meaningful and fun. These can be great family bonding activities or even a chance to have them start a project you've been too busy to get to. Here are some great ways to spend summer with Mixbook. We'll do the babysitting, we don't mind.

School Project Photo Book

Gather all those school projects that clutter your kitchen table and turn them into a photo book! Include captions and backstories of how the projects came about, fun tidbits, and what your little one learned from the lesson. These photo books can be volumized and completed each year. They're always fun to look back on and would make amazing graduation party centerpieces.


Art Project to Wall Art

Finger paintings, macaroni crafts, or crayon masterpieces can live forever as Mixbook canvas prints. Snap a photo of the art project and create a stunning canvas print. Decorate your kid's bedroom wall so they can feel extra proud of their work.

kids -artwork-canvas-print-mixbook

Summer Travel Photo Book

If you're headed out of town this summer, let the kids snap photos from their perspective. With such big imaginations, the photos could be unique and adorable. Use those photos and create a family vacation travel photo book. Feature their favorite photos and moments to truly make it their own.

travel photo book kids mixbook mixbook endless summer photo book travel

Thank Yous

It's always a good idea to encourage your kids to show gratitude. Have them create custom Thank You Cardsย for everyone who gave them a hand during the school year. This could be your teachers, bus drivers, tutors, carpool parents, crossing guards, or even the cafeteria lady who always saved you that extra favorite snack.

thank you card mixbook children kids

Custom Storybooks

Bedtime stories can handle a bit of revamping. Let you little one create their own story with a photo book. Include their hand-drawn creatures from the deep, high flying super heroes, or furry imaginary friends into their new favorite tale. Having a set of self published storybooks encourages imagination, reading, and stronger english skills. We call this a parenting win!


Mixbook has what you need to keep the kids having fun this summer. Get the family involved in creating keepsakes that you'll not only cherish forever, but feel proud of when completed. Your kids will have a new favorite hobby!


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