Laura Blythman Design Collection

Laura Blythman Design Collection

It's always exciting to announce a new designer collaboration! Here at Mixbook we search for the most inspiring illustrators and artists in the industry to create gorgeous collaborations with, that you won't see anywhere else! 

Laura Blythman Design Collection

Introducing Laura Blythman to our designer collection family! 


Designer, illustrator and creative director Laura Blythman is renowned for her vibrant use of color and paper collage. Her recognizable aesthetic has garnered her a legion of fans and a super happy + colorful portfolio of work with clients ranging from start up businesses to high profile Australian and International brands. 

Her ability to create colorful texture and dimension through layering art is truly eye-candy!


Behind the Designs

 Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by color, texture, paper, my crazy colorful dreams, childhood memories and nature, real and imagined.

Why were you excited to design for

For sure I was excited. I love working with awesome companies, bonus thrills if it’s an international brand/company.

What about this collection are you most proud of?

I’m proud that the designs are all so distinctly ‘Laura-ish’. Very much my style. I hope they are loved!

Which card or design is your favorite?

Hmmm, it’s hard to choose between my babes. But perhaps I like the Summer Floral design the most. I can’t go past some lovely flowers.

Describe this collection in three words. 

Sunshine Happy Vibes!

You can shop Laura's colorful collection now on! All cards are fully customizable and ready to WOW your recipients! 

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