Linda's Wedding Photo Book Guide

Linda's Wedding Photo Book Guide

Linda Brownlee Fan Feature Wedding Album Agh the big day! With so many details and to-dos to get done, your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of the event. Getting a list of shots is definitely recommended when working with a professional wedding photographer because you want to get all the important snaps into your wedding album. While your photographer will have their styled, artsy photos in mind to take, make sure the actual wedding is snapped too!

Mixbook super fan Linda Brownlee was inspired to reach out to us after one of our previous Fan Features.

When my daughter got married, she had a wonderful, creative photographer who dropped us like a hot potato after the wedding was over. When we received the album, I was so disappointed in the meager representation of the most wonderful weekend.  I quickly set about to create a Mixbook photo book. The quality of the book and the photo prints is outstanding." - Linda

With her flash drive full of her daughter's most precious moments from her wedding, Linda used Mixbook to save the day and create a quality product that reflected the meaningful event. She was also gracious enough to share the book she created and provide us with her guide on creating the perfect wedding album.

Linda's Wedding Album Tips

Start with a simple, standout cover. You want the feature the couple featured in their best! Include their names, the date, and the location of the wedding.



Start your wedding photo book with your groom and his groomsmen! Pose with the groom-to-be, the "getting ready" process, and their boys-just-being-boys whacky poses.


The beautiful bride should get her own spread plus one including her bridesmaids. Highlight the dress, the hair, the shoes, the flowers, everything that makes her the stunning focal point of the occasion.


As the ceremony begins, make sure the photographer captures each person's entrance.


As the bride begins her walk down the aisle, capture the smile on her face and the look of love from her father!


As the ceremony continues, snap photos of the officiant's speech, the presentation of the rings, and the vows.


A photo of the first kiss is a must! Their first walk together as husband and wife is a great ending to the ceremony photo set.


This would be a great opportunity to capture the bridesmaids and their groomsmen dates walking together. Give the bride and groom's parents a feature as well.


Many couples decide to shoot photos right after the ceremony concludes. These photos should include the couple, the family, and the entire wedding party.

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Now it's time to loosen up and have fun with your photos and wedding party. Change the location and let your party's personality shine through. Take fun, less formal shots.

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Once you conclude the photo sets of the wedding party, turn your focus onto the couple for their very important feature. These are the photos that make beautiful thank you cards, canvas prints, and photo prints. It's the couple's official wedding photos!


It's time to party! The reception has so much great opportunity for photos. Have your photographer shoot the location, the food, and of course the guests!


Include the memorable moments like the father-daughter dance, emotional speeches, the cake cutting, and of course the bouquet toss!

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You can choose to end your wedding album with a look back at the engagement photos. This is a great way to put those photos to use. It helps create a complete storybook event to show how far the lucky couple has come.


It is always important to include a shot list of what you want captured at your wedding. If you photographer works with an assistant, have one capture the candid moments and the other, the shot list. You'll have so many beautiful photos to choose from once you get the photos back. Mixbook has gorgeous wedding albums to use. With the ability to customize and edit as you see fit, you'll find the perfect keepsake to host your memorable moments.

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