Photo Projects for This Year & Next

Photo Projects for This Year & Next


You've probably heard it a hundred times already: "Can you believe it's almost 2016!?" Yes, another year has flown by right before our tired eyes. Here at Mixbook, we cherish these last few weeks of the year. It gives us a chance to reminisce about the fun and memorable year we're concluding, but also excites us to look forward to the amazing opportunities and adventures that lay ahead. How to Take Better Summer Photos

Without even realizing it, I've taken 1,470 photos this year between my mobile phone and GoPro camera. That's a ton of photos with great project potential. This time of year should not only be memorable but be inspiring as well. Here are a few ideas to make use of your 2015 photos and some tips on how to plan for projects in the upcoming year.

Year in Review Greeting Cards

Year in Review cards are a step above a traditional holiday card. Typically you'll include some text and facts about your family's milestones to keep your relatives up to date such as a new addition to the family, an anniversary, a move, or a new job. Select from your year's photos and make more of an impact with a collage layout. You'll be able to include more photos and tell a story.

Mod Year in Review

Iconic Year in Review

iconic-year in review-holiday-card-mixbook

Chalkboard Year in Review


Check out all of our Year in Review holiday cards right here on There are beautiful custom layouts that highlight your favorite 2015 moments and more.

Year in Review Photo Books

Ahh, time to stretch those creative muscles and really close the year out with a bang. There's something about publishing your own Year in Review Photo Book that makes it feel like you're literally closing a chapter in your life. When creating a Year in Review Photo Book, choosing the best photos is crucial. Pick the milestone moments like holidays, vacations, graduations, birthdays, or new pets. Once you compile your favorite photos, has gorgeous themes to honor your family's accomplished year.

Linen Year in Review

linen-year-in-review-mixbook-photo-book linen-year-in-review-photo-book-mixbook


Kraft Year in Review


Vintage Year in Review

vintage-year-in-review-photobook-mixbook mixbook-vintage-year-in-review-photobook

Mosaic Photo Books

Think you can tell your 2015 story with only 20 photos? Here's a creative and visual photo project that's done straight from our Mosaic photo book app. Select 20 of your most meaningful shots from this year and order straight from your mobile device. Use the beautiful quality of the photos to summarize your picture perfect year.  Mosaic photo books is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Mosaic Mosaic


Photo Prints

Leaving all of those photos in your camera, mobile device, or computer would be a shame. Bring them to life as photo prints! There are easy DIY projects that you could hand make with your photos. Here's an idea, print 5x5 photos of your favorite 2015 Instagram photos. Picking a theme might help you brainstorm new uses for photo prints. They could even be used as custom gift tags.

Mixbook photo print diy frame mixbook square photo prints

Get inspired by more photo prints projects on our photo print blog post here.

Once you've finished putting your 2015 photos to good use, you'll be able to look forward to new and creative projects for the year ahead. Before you know it (again) it'll be December 2016. But this time, you'll have all the perfect photos for a number of new projects.

Photo Calendars

Each month, plan to take a series of photos meant for a holiday or event in that month. Wear red for your February photo, strike a patriotic pose for July, and do dress up for October! The end result will be the perfect family calendar that you can use for gifting or self admiration. If you have children, use their year ahead as your theme. Each month you can feature their accomplishments and milestones.

Kraft Calendar

Custom Family Calendar



See all of our custom designed calendars waiting for you on


365 Photo Projects

If you love DIY projects, this one is both challenging and rewarding, as it will look amazing when completed. Each day a photo is taken. You'll strengthen your photo skills and take notice of the world around you in greater detail. Start with a theme that will help you compile your 365 photos. Give yourself a topic that you are confident participating in.

Try these:

"Blue" (Or whatever your favorite color is) - Each day, photograph something blue. Your photo book will look very cohesive and visually stunning.

Food - You might already enjoy chronicling your everyday eats on Instagram. So why not take that hobby and put together a 365 days of bites photo book?

Selfies - This might sound a bit Kim Kardashian of you, but if you're a fashionista, it's a cool way to capture your daily adventures in style.

Pets & Kids - Watching children and pets grow over a span of a year is actually a lot more noticeable than we think. Dedicate your book to their development in a creative light.

Prompts - Weekly or daily, pick 52 or 365 of your favorite things and each day you'll have a mini theme to shoot.

Here are some fun prompts we found on Pinterest.



Photography is a beautiful thing. We're able to capture memories and create art in an instant. Give your photos the credit they deserve by turning them into some of the fun projects we mentioned. Memories always look better in print! For your year ahead, we wish you many new adventures, flavors, experiences, and growth. We know you have your next custom photo project ready and waiting!








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