Our Favorite Themes to Celebrate "Love Your Pet Day"

Our Favorite Themes to Celebrate "Love Your Pet Day"

Mixbook’s Chief Happiness Officers: Our Favorite Themes

In honor of Love Your Pet Day coming up (February 20 - for those who don’t know), we decided to ask our Chief Happiness Officers what their favorite Mixbook photo book templates are.

Here’s what they had to share:

Lexie: Dog Pet Book by Black Lamb Studio


“This pup-themed photo book is paw-esome! It’s the perfect way for my mom and dad to highlight all of my milestones and achievements - first time playing fetch, first friend, first roll over… the list goes on. The different backgrounds are colorful and capture my personality perfectly!”


Luna: Cat Pet Book by Black Lamb Studio

“Some of my best friends are cats! Mixbook’s Cat Pet Book is the purrfect way to highlight memories with my fellow cat friends! Each Love Your Pet Day my dad makes me a book that’s full of pictures and quotes with my furry friends - I absolutely love it!”


Dagny: Cats and Dogs
“My siblings and I love taking family photos! My people (the puparazzi) are proud parents to me and three cats and although we may be be a rambunctious crew at times, boy do we take cute pics! This template is the perfect way for them to highlight the good (and not-so-good) times we’ve had together.”


Daisy: French Bulldog Invitation by Pennie Post

“I know it’s not a photo book template and a little far fetched, but….. last year on Love Your Pet Day my mom hosted a party and used these cards as invites. While there wasn’t a pug cartoon on the card, they were still a huge hit! I also had her tape a treat to each invite for my friends to enjoy!”


Polly: Everyday Tropical

“With the help of my dad (life without opposable thumbs is ruff), I made my mom this beautiful tropical themed book for Love Your Pet Day last year. This theme fit her personality perfectly - I can’t wait to give her another this year that highlights our memories from 2018!”


Love Your Pet Day is the perfect excuse to create a photo book for the dog or cat lover in your life - or for yourself. We’d love to see your creations (pet related or not) - use the hashtag #MixbookMoment when you share on social media and we may feature you on the Mixbook profile!


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