Milestone Birthday Party Invitations

Birthdays. The day you get to celebrate just being you. The day you get to rejoice a new year of life. The day you get to party with friends and observe what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve overcome and what you’re about to tackle. If birthdays weren’t such a big deal would the Beatles have sung about them? Milestone Birthday Party Invitations

Even if you’re not a ‘birthday person,’ there are some birthdays just too special to miss. And for those, Mixbook is here to help you do it up in style.

The Big 18: Yay! You can vote. Today, my friend, you are officially an adult. In the theme of being all grown up Mixbook offers the dazzling, Black & Gold invitation with bright, shiny stars to welcome in the bright new you. Whether you’re off at school or sitting poolside with mom and dad, plan something fun for yourself, you deserve it.

18th Birthday Party Invitation

21: Uh-oh. The 2-1. The game changer. Doors everywhere are now officially open and the world is your oyster. This is a milestone to remember! Celebrate your new license and your newfound freedom with a blast. Thanks to Mixbook’s colorful assortment of invitations, whether you’re ringing in your year with a sophisticated Tassel Garland style fete or partying with your bro’s Mustache Bash style, be sure you’re day is one that reflects YOU!

21st Birthday Party InvitationsBirthday Party Invitations

30: Wow. You’re turning 30. How did that happen? Are you old now? Nah. You’re just getting started! Mixbook understands that 30 is when life starts kicking in. So whether you’re Wine Tasting with friends or having people over for a wild Milestone Birthday game night, be sure to do it up right. You’ll never be 30 again!

Glitter Party InvitationsWine Tasting Party Invitations

40: (take a breath) 40! You’re turning 40! But don’t sweat it because 40 is the new 29. It’s like riding a bike and ripping off a Band-Aid all at once (or something like that) – you can do it. And when you do it, you’re going to show them how it’s done! For a night out on the town, Mixbook offers you big leaguers some pizazz with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of elegance in the timeless Milestone Birthday invitation. Or if you’re planning something a little more subdued, try the Chalkboard Celebration card that meets casual with style for the perfect backyard dinner with friends.

Milestone Birthday InvitationChalkboard Birthday Party Invitations

50: You know what they say, 50 and fabulous! Mixbook knows that your golden years are still to come and that turning 50 is a drop in the well of your fabulousness. (Let’s just say it one more time for fun; you are 50 and fabulous!) So plan something with the girls or surprise your favorite girl in Mixbook’s Floral Wreath Birthday invitation that suits day or night. Or if you’re in the mood for something more glamorous check out the Geometric Collage. Either way, there’s no excuse not to celebrate!

Surprise Birthday Party InvitationsMilestone Party Invite

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