Mixbook Designs: Welcome Baby Photo Book

Mixbook Designs: Welcome Baby Photo Book

welcome baby photo book mixbook

We are lucky enough to have some of the trendiest and craftiest designers in the photo book industry. It takes a lot of hard work to design one of our custom photo book themes.Every background, sticker, and color scheme is designed from all different sources of inspiration. A few places we find inspiration are from home decor, fabric stores, flea markets, estate sales, old vintage books and of course the internet has a lot of eye candy.  We wanted to share a little sample of what it takes to create one of our beautiful photo book themes. I sat down with our Art Director and new mom Allison to get a peek at her team's process. Take a look at our Welcome Baby photo book and how our designers created its beautiful theme.

Where was inspiration drawn from when designing this theme?

Welcome Baby Mood board baby design inspiration Mixbook

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"I had a lot of fun creating the mood board for this theme. New moms-to-be spend a lot of time picking out baby items and decorating their nursery.  I decided it would be perfect to use all the modern nursery trends as inspiration for this photo book. From Land of Nod to Etsy and Target with Oh Joy!- the items for babies keeps getting cuter."

What trending elements/features were incorporated into the theme?

"The geometric trend is still very popular. When it’s created with soft colors and the right balance of white-space it’s great for a baby."

welcome baby photo book mixbook 4

Anything unique in this baby photo book that you'd like to point out?

"Some other trendy elements we included in this book are clouds, arrows, and hot air balloons."

welcome baby photo book mixbook 10

What's your favorite feature of this photo book theme? As a new mom?

"I really like how the theme is trendy and modern, but still doesn’t take away from the adorable baby photos. As a new mom, I’m taking a million photos of my kids. The book is designed to cover the baby's first year, but one of the great things about Mixbook is the editor. One of my favorite features is the ability to add as many pages as you need to fit all the photos you want to include. You can also easily add or delete stickers to customize this book for your baby however you would like." 

welcome baby photo book mixbook 2

What do you think users will like the most about this theme?

"I think users will love the fonts used in the book. The mix of hand-drawn and watercolor-inspired fonts are on-trend and perfect for baby."

welcome baby photo book mixbook 5

As a designer and mom, what photos do you recommend including in this book?

"I recommend to include as many photos even if they aren’t perfect. The everyday moments you catch with your camera phone are perfect for the collage pages. Some of my favorite shots are the blurry ones, since I can remember what was happening in that moment. If you have professional photos, those are great for the big photo slots and cover. Your baby grows so fast in the first year and you will have this book to cherish for years to come."

welcome baby photo book mixbook 9

Our Welcome Baby Boy & Girl photo book themes have been designed with its own matching set of birth announcements for him and her!

welcome baby photo book mixbook 8

You can even plan to use this theme in your baby shower! From your third trimester to the end of your baby's year one adventure, our Welcome Baby design theme is a modern choice with a touch of fun whimsy.

welcome baby photo book mixbook 7

Once your baby enter his or her toddler years, Mixbook carries more trendy design options for future photo books.

Geometric Fun for boys:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.49.50 PM

Mod Colorful Fun for girls:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.51.30 PM
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