Mixbook Editor Tip: How to Recreate Photo Book Themes in Your Calendar

Our favorite feature that Mixbook offers is the ability to truly customize any and all of our products. Did you know that you can easily recreate photo card layouts in a photo book? Did you also know that you can use a photo book layout and later recreate it in a calendar? All it takes is a little patience and creativity. This tutorial demonstrates the ease of recreating the front cover of a photo book onto a calendar. How many of you have seen the calendar on the right featured on our calendar home page?

Featured Calendar

This calendar was actually created using the cover of one of our photo book themes! In this post, we will show you just how easy it is to recreate photo book themes in your calendar.

First, we will need to locate the photo book theme that contains this layout. In this instance, we will want to start a project with the Winter Holiday theme. Once you have the project open in the editor, place all the stickers you see on the front cover onto the page. Essentially, we are pulling the stickers and backgrounds from this project so that we can access them in our calendar project. Once you’ve saved your project, create a new, blank calendar. When the project opens in the editor, add the stickers and backgrounds from the Winter Holiday theme to your calendar project. The detailed steps on how to add stickers and backgrounds from one product to another can be found here.

Once you have successfully added the stickers and backgrounds to your calendar project, your sticker and background trays should appear similar to this:

Stickers Tray

Winter Holiday Stickers Added

Backgrounds Tab

Winter Holiday Backgrounds Added

The next step is the one we have the most fun with. It’s the actual recreating of the photo book cover. To help us with this, we like to open a new window with the original Winter Holiday project. This will allow us to view the front cover of the photo book while recreating it on our calendar.

Winter Holiday Project

With this window open as a reference, select the correct background and start placing stickers in the correct place. Within a few minutes, your calendar should begin to look similar to the cover of the Winter Holiday photo book.

New Calendar Creation

Now that you’ve got the hang of this, why not recreate some other layouts from a Winter Holiday to finish out this calendar?

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