Mixbook Fan of the Month: Danielle

Fan of the Month Congratulations to Danielle Zuhlke, our Fan of the Month for June! Danielle recently welcomed identical twin boys into the family. To share the happy news with family and friends, she decided to create custom photo birth announcements with our easy-to-use editor. Read on to learn more about her inspiration behind it all!

Mixbook: What inspired you to create the birth announcements? Danielle: I had been looking for a birth announcement that would display as many photos as I wanted from our newborn photo shoot. Every other site I had thought about using would either shrink them down or crop them. Then I remembered Mixbook and I was really excited to figure out I could create my own card. I could display as many of my beautiful pictures as I wanted and not just what the "standard template" allowed.

M: We love all the props in your photos! What was the inspiration behind the photo shoot? D: As far as the moustaches go, every October, or "Stachetober," all of the men in my husband’s fire department grow mustaches. It’s something they do for camaraderie and for laughs to see who can grow the best mustache. This past October during "Stachetober" we found out that our identical twins were boys. So I thought the helmets and moustaches would go hand and hand for the picture. I also thought our family and friends would get a laugh when they saw this picture on our birth announcements knowing my husband's sense of humor.

Fan of the Month

M: How did you decide on which template to use? D: Having looked at the multiple options, I decided to use the "triplet template" because of the layout and color scheme. I loved that it had three large photos on the front of the card, this gave me some direction of where to start. Once I started playing around with the template I discovered that I could actually create my own custom card. I was able to remove or add text and photo boxes. This was perfect because I wanted to be able to write a personal message about the birth our twins and growing family.

M: Can you share with us a little about the process behind creating your card? D: It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Now that I have three kids under the age of two I don't have the time to sit on the computer and "try and figure things out". Mixbook made it very easy for me to take one of their templates and create my own. I was able to save many different options before creating the final product.

M: Any tips for users? D: Don't be afraid to be creative! Mixbook makes it really easy and if you don't like something that you've created there is always the "undo" button.

Fan of the Month

M: Anything else you’d like to add? D: I was so impressed when I received my birth announcements! Not only did they arrive before the estimated shipping date (which is unheard of) but the quality was unbelievable for the price. When I did my daughter's birth announcements with another company I was so disappointed when they arrived. They were not something to be proud of and I had spent so much money on a copy of my photo with some wording. I love that my new birth announcements were actually printed on a high quality card and not photo paper. From now on I will only use Mixbook and I can’t wait to create our Christmas card this year!


Create your custom photo birth announcements today! Our online editor lets you easily create beautiful cards using our professionally designed templates, or you can design your own custom cards with all of our free stickers and backgrounds.

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