Mixbook Fan of the Month: Lauren

Fan of the MonthCongratulations to Lauren Schlegel, our Fan of the Month for July! Lauren is an avid scrapbooker who loves capturing her favorite memories in custom Mixbook gifts for loved ones. One of her latest projects was a custom ABC alphabet book she created for her son Charlie! Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind it all: Mixbook: What was your first Mixbook project? Lauren: My first Mixbook project was a calendar I made for my mother. My mom is pretty tricky to buy for, so when I discovered Mixbook and the line of calendars, I knew it would be a perfect Christmas gift for her. And once I discovered how fun and easy it was to make, I made 3 more calendars! Everyone loved them!

M: What has been your favorite project so far? L: My favorite project is a book I made for my son's first birthday. It includes pictures from his birth all the way through his first year. I included a little story I wrote about his arrival and how special he is to us. But what I love more than anything is his smile when I show him the book. He loves pointing to all his pictures! I know it is a keepsake he will cherish and eventually share with his own children.

M: Can you share with us a little about the creation process? L: For me, the creation process is all about trial and error and having fun. I play around with different layouts and color schemes until I come up with the one I like the most. And Mixbook is so user-friendly! It's fun to try different things and see how they turn out.

M: What inspired you to start the ABC Alphabet Book? L: My son, Charlie, is 16 months old. He is learning so much everyday. I wanted to make him a special book that he could enjoy and one that would also help him learn. He responds so well to the bright colors and pictures. The idea for an ABC Alphabet Book just seemed fun. And he loves it!
ABC Alphabet Book
M: How did you decide on which layouts to use and how to format the book? L: Mixbook had an ABC template that was adorable. I knew I wanted to use it as my guide. I changed a few things around and personalized it for my son. Once I got started, the book just started to come to life. It's a fun process and the final outcome is always amazing!
ABC Alphabet Book
M: Any tips for users who want to attempt this project? L: Just have fun!! Make it your own and don't be afraid to get creative. After all, if you make a mistake, Mixbook offers a very helpful 'undo' button!
M: What inspires you to create new projects? L: I love photography. I take hundreds of pictures each week. For me, the projects I create allow me to display my pictures and capture memories that I want to share with friends and family.

Family Photo Book
M: How has your experience been using Mixbook? L: I love Mixbook! I have had only great experiences. From the creation process to the final project, I am so impressed with everything! I have tried other companies, but none compare to Mixbook and the quality they offer. I’ve been able to capture so many memories and experiences and created so many keepsakes that my family and I can cherish for years to come.
M: Anything else you’d like to add?
L: If you have any questions during the creation process, the online chat is an awesome tool to utilize. The staff is so friendly and always manage to help!

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