Mixbook Fan of the Month: Naomi

Fan of the Month August
Congratulations to Naomi, our Fan of the Month for August! Naomi recently celebrated her wedding last May, and decided to remember the special day with a custom photo book. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind it all:
Mixbook: How did you find out about Mixbook? Naomi: I’ve never ordered a photobook online before so I did my research. I found the best reviews and opinions at Photo Book Girl. She had great things to say about Mixbook so I went with it!
Fan of the Month
M: What inspired you to create your wedding album? N: I am in love with our wedding pics! Finding the perfect photographer was one of the most important parts of my wedding planning research and Dani Leigh Photography captured the day perfectly. I knew from the start I would want to create two versions of my wedding Mixbook – one that is more focused on pics of my side of the family, and one focused on his (both versions of the wedding Mixbook include all our favorite shots of the two of us). The fact that you can so easily ‘Copy’ your project in Mixbook and then edit the new version made this incredibly simple!

Fan of the Month

M: How did you decide on which wedding theme for your project? N: I knew from the start that I didn’t want my photobook to include text or scrapbooking images. In the case of a wedding, the pictures tell the story! I started with one of Mixbook’s standard wedding layouts, and just removed the text boxes. Because Mixbook allows you to fully edit the layout, this was very easy to do.

M: Are you a big Orioles fan? Can you share with us the story behind the photos in front of the stadium? N: Sure! My husband is a diehard O’s fan, and we are both originally from Maryland. In regards to wedding planning, he had two requests: pictures at Camden Yards (home of the Baltimore Orioles), and pictures with our dog, Ernie. I was on board with both of these ideas, and the easiest thing was to mix them together!

Fan of the Month

We decided to do our “first look” pictures at Camden Yards before heading to the venue for the ceremony. Ben’s mom arranged for the mascot to be there, and also for someone to bring the dog. Unfortunately, Ernie was terrified of the bird so there is no photo of us with both the bird and our pup, but we got some pics with each!

M: What was the process like? How did you decide on which layouts to use and how to format the book? N: I based everything on Mixbook’s example layouts, and just removed text boxes when needed.

Our photographer took more than 1,200 pictures so deciding on which photos to use was the hard part. Once that was settled in my brain, inserting the pictures into the layout was easy peasy.  I like how you can Zoom In very closely to your layout. I gave my photos borders and the OCD side of me needed to double and triple check to make sure the borders matched up.

Fan of the Month
M: Any tips for users? N: Since this is the first photobook I have ordered online, I was nervous. I needed something high quality and durable that I could give as a gift to family and they can treasure for years. I started by ordering just one to see what the end product would be like. I was delighted with the size, printing and overall quality! Then I was ready to order more. And let me just say, I love the hardcover coffee table size!

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