Mixbook-Inspired Baby Showers

Mixbook-Inspired Baby Showers


It's time for the most fun part of your third trimester: the baby shower! You might be waddling around the house or experiencing aches and muscles spasms in areas you didn't even know you had, but a day surrounded by your favorite family and friends will make you smile.

You typically want to choose you baby shower theme and date at least 4-weeks out. For more third trimester tips check out our complete pregnancy guide. Mixbook has some beautiful and fun baby shower invitations that could help spark some theme ideas for you. Here are a couple of our recent favorites:

Worldly Baby Shower Invitation


Theme: This globetrotting theme is perfect for adoptive parents of a foreign baby or a couple with a thirst for adventure. After all, they're about to embark on their cutest journey yet!

Decor: Globes, vintage airplanes, suitcases, or an international bazaar! You can focus on a travel theme or combine worldly styles and cultures to create an international affair.

Food: The food options here are almost endless. Pick your favorite destinations and compile a delicious menu of various local flavors. If you'd like to do a potluck, encourage guests to bring a dish from their multicultural backgrounds.

Games: Print outlines of states, countries, or continents and have guests guess the location. You'd be surprised at how tricky geography can be!


Theme: Let these cozy critters bring a delicate and rustic vibe to your baby shower. Perfect for a gender neutral theme if you don't know the baby's sex yet.

Decor: Include wood textures, stuffed animals, lots of foliage, burlap or twine accents, and earthy tones with splashes of a select bright color.

Food: Classic outdoor food would be a great choice. Think upscale picnic with cute additions like a build-your-own trail mix bar or a s'mores bar.

Games: Have guests match animal paw prints with the right woodland critters. You can also have a DIY animal mask activity.


Theme: Elegant and chic colors and watercolor textures, gold accents, and soft floral illustrations make this a theme perfect for baby girl.

Decor: Watercolor stained fabrics, solid color flowers, ribbons, gold confetti filled transparent balloons, and lace textured decor.

Food: With an stylish setting such as this, feed your guests finger sandwiches, macaroons, tea-time related bites, and simple dressed salads.

Games: Set up a floral crown making station or onesie painting activity so your guests can get creative.

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Theme: This boho-chic theme represents a whimsical, free spirited atmosphere that is full of eye-candy.

Decor: Boho decor is a combination of dream catchers, succulents, wildflowers, lace, and various shaped vases, and wood textures.

Food: A beautiful naked caked, simple veggies and charcuterie, mimosa fruit-filled bar, toast topped with delicious combinations of flavors.

Games:  Guest can create their own dream catchers with a lot of boho themes like lace, twine, feathers, beads, and arrows. You may also set up a photo booth backdrop covered in flowers and sage or garland.

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Mixbook has a theme perfect for your style and baby shower. Browse more invitations here! Don't forget to get your thank you cards as well! Celebrate your last few pregnant weeks with a gathering fit for the amazing mother you'll soon become.

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