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With Mixbook, it’s easy to create a fully customizable project to meet your needs. While we have several themes to choose from, we also give you the freedom to express your own creativity. We’ve seen great examples from Mixbookers, including a Children’s Bedtime Story, 365 Baby’s First Year Project, and Proposal photo book. In today’s feature, we highlight two couples who let their personalities shine through personalized adoption profile photo books. Megan and Fredrik Mixbookers Megan and Fredrik met at her best friend’s wedding, and have been inseparable ever since! After being married for 5 years, they both decided this past New Year’s that they wanted to adopt. Megan, a graphic designer, chose to use Mixbook to make their adoption profile book because “it allowed [her] to adjust the layouts, pictures, type/font, etc, however [she] wanted. It gave [her] all the artistic freedom [she] needed without having to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.” Read the rest of her interview below:

Adoption Profile Book Templates

Adoption Profile Book

Mixbook: What was your inspiration for the layouts, backgrounds and/or stickers did you use for your adoption photo book?

Megan: We used the simple line clipart/stickers scattered throughout the book but made them oversized, which helped in keeping the clean/modern feel of the book. We stuck with a white background throughout for the same reason. I like to layer things to create interest, and I was pleasantly surprised with all the extras that Mixbook offered, such as the transparency feature and the layer position feature (bring to front or send to back button). The two features I loved the most were the "guides" that appeared so that you can line things up, and the option to place a graphic across an entire two page spread or cut it off in the fold/binding of the book. Awesome!

Mixbook: What overall templates did you want to maintain throughout your photo book? 

Megan: We wanted to make the book inviting, friendly and easy to read.  Although the book represents our hopes of having a family, it represents something entirely different for the reader, for that reason we didn't want to make it too harsh, with bright colors and "cutesy" baby things. Instead, we chose to use the softer colors and more neutral artwork.  We knew that we had to include a lot of information but didn't want to overwhelm the reader with pictures and text just thrown on the page. We were looking to create a modern-ish, clean, organized layout to help with all the information that we were giving to the reader. Clean and organized - but not sterile - this is where the use of the stickers/clip art helped in creating the feel that we were after.

Adoption Profile

*We love how Megan included a page with her "Furry Kids!"

Megan and Fredrik are currently in the adoption process, and wanted to share the adoption agency they are using with others: Adoption Option, Inc. This agency allows you to view online profiles for waiting families and provides great resources if you are interested in adoption.

Angela and Kenny: Mixbookers Angela and Kenny have been together since May of 2006, and met through a mutual friend in college that helped set them up. They are very excited about the adoption process and what’s in store for them next!

Adoption Profile Book

Mixbook:  What made you want to use Mixbook to create an adoption profile photo book?

Angela: We already had a book created from a competitor actually.  When we met with our adoption specialist we saw other books to look at to get ideas and I liked two books much better than ours.  They were from Mixbook.

Mixbook:  What overall templates did you want to maintain throughout your adoption photo album?

Angela: We wanted a relaxed book full of pictures.  We love the beach so we used a beach wedding book as the theme.

Mixbook: How was your experience using Mixbook to make your own photo book?

Angela: Pretty positive. I love how easy it is to use. It was nice to be able to move pages around easily and edit. The formats and stickers are much better than competitors.

Adoption Profile Pages

*We love how Angela included a page highlighting their beautiful home!

Get started on your own adoption profile book now! Keep it simple with one of our portfolio themes (White Portfolio), or choose a beach theme like Angela did (Seaside Wedding). Our books are fully customizable, so let your personality shine through in your profile book!

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