Mixbook's Rounded Holiday Cards

It's November, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. Before you know it, it’s time to light the Menorah and put up the Christmas tree. My advice? Get your holiday photo cards done sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to be roasting a turkey and addressing envelopes at the same time!

Mixbook warmly offers our new, rounded corner option that adds thoughtful, stylish flair to your holiday greetings. From pictures of Fido in his Stars Wars costume to summaries of your family’s year in review, share your life with loved ones the easy way – with Mixbook. No one will ever know how stress-free it was to design something so beautiful.

Our classic card line is a great way to spread the holiday cheer. Whether you’re in the mood to design a 2-sided masterpiece like  our fashionable Love and Joy card or a single-sided one exemplified by our fabulously elegant Christmas Glitter card, the world is your oyster. Endless options are at your disposal to send just the right look to reflect how you feel. Our designers have you covered.

mixbook holiday rounded card love and joy
Mixbook holiday cards christmas glitter

For those who prefer a more modern look, Love and Joy Triangles is a wonderful example of Mixbook’s use of architectural components to highlight your favorite photographs. Our Festive Watercolor card applies the same principles, but with a soft eye to mixing patterns that really stands out. Winter Wood Grain is another great choice.By juxtaposing soft with hard and linear with fluid, Mixbook creates a look that’s distinct and memorable.


Whimsical is never a bad choice during the magic of the holidays and playfulness is clearly abundant at the Mixbook workshop. Mixbook’s It's a Wonderful Life card for example, takes two mediums, wood and candy, and puts them together in a way that should never work and yet does, beautifully. Fun and festive, peppermint and timber have never looked better. Our Holiday Bokeh is another smile-inducing look that creatively shows off your favorite photographs with fanciful, translucent polka dots.


Awesome, unique typography is always a crowd-pleaser and our Playful Typography is no exception. With a slightly vintage look to this design, your personal photographs have never been accented so excellently. Chalkboard Holiday is another great option if you like a more vintage feel, with an old-fashioned, chalkboard background that connotes the good old days. Eye-catching art design balances the design.


With Mixbook the choices are boundless. With stunning artwork and clean and simple holiday motifs, our rounded corner line makes designing beautiful holiday cards a walk in the snow. See all the festive options right here. Happy Mixbooking and Happy holidays! 

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