FACT: The Best Mother’s Day Gift in the World is a Personalized Photo Book

There’s nothing a mother wants more than to feel appreciated for the intangibles – the winks, the hugs, the back tickles, the twinkle, the silliness, the listening, the unconditional love. And for this reason, there’s no better Mother’s Day gift than a personalized photo book. There are a thousand reasons you love your mom, so you might feel overwhelmed by the task, but just remember: a picture really is worth a thousand words. So go through your favorite photos of mom and choose the images that capture what she is to you. Then simply add short phrases that sum up your thoughts – or turn to poets, prophets and philosophers to express your love with the eloquence you might lack.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for photo books in honor of Mother’s Day…

Whimsical Mother's Day is one of Mixbook’s brand-new photo book themes. Golden hearts, corrugated paper, polka dots and chevrons in a palette of magenta, blue and pink make this photo book template perfect for little boys – or girls with great taste – to give to their moms. Kids will love the glittery embellishments and fun design details like words that frame photos and a series of pictures that come together to form a heart. Moms will love having a book of beautiful photos of the best things on Earth: her kids.

Mother's Day Photo Books

Mixbook’s 10 Things I Love About Mom photo book makes it easy to express appreciation to mom. And, wow, it’s true that kids say the darndest things – especially when they attempt to ascribe words something as enormous as their love for mom. For them, the greatest of love comes through in the minutiae: hiding mini chocolate chips in pancakes, letting them get away with sneaking Simon’s Cat videos in bed, saying yes to a sleepover, making breakfast for dinner. And then there are the moments of poignancy that come through despite their ages. When mom realizes there’s a sliver of understanding of the infinite depths of her love for them, it’s a gift like no other.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mixbook’s Our Story photo book is perfect for older kids to make for mom or grandma. The design featuring birds, butterflies and botanicals is sophisticated and feminine, creating the perfect backdrop for beautiful memories and meaningful words. Borrow from the many quotes sprinkled throughout the pages, or add your own favorites to create an album that’s completely personalized and bound to be treasured for life.

Mother's Day Photo Books

Featuring fun pops of color and graphic flower designs, Mixbook’s Mother's Day Florals and Bold Mother’s Day Florals photo book designs are perfectly hip for the most modern of moms. Almost Scandinavian in feel, the designs are whimsically appealing to kids and still wonderfully stylish for moms. Have fun with the grid layouts that let you place lots of square photos side-by-side for sweetness and silliness captured in a single related series.

Mother's Day Photo Book IdeasMother's Day Photo Book Ideas

And for the mom’s who are no longer with us, but still plenty alive in your heart, create A Book of Remembrance using Mixbook’s beautiful template. Striking typography, calligraphic flourishes and a quiet, neutral palette come together for a design that conveys poise and great character. Use the timeline to illustrate milestones and the family tree to track the generations. Then add the stories she loved to tell along with snapshots and quotes.

Mother's Day Book Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!

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