National Scrapbook Day with Therm⋅o⋅web

National Scrapbook Day with Therm⋅o⋅web


mixbook scrapbooking deco foil thermoweb National Scrapbook Day always takes place the first Saturday in May! This year, on May 7th, Mixbook is celebrating with Therm⋅o⋅web and their fun foil adhesives Deco Foil.

With Mixbook providing beautifully designed photo books, combing our modern day scrapbooking with the craftiness of traditional scrapbooking, you can do amazing things to create a truly custom photo keepsake. Our friends at Therm⋅o⋅web excel at transfer foils and adhesives that add a high-quality foil finish to any craft project.

Once you create and receive your Mixbook photo book, photo cards, calendar, or canvas print, you can add that extra something special using Deco Foil™. It's just another level of personal touch and loving sentiment.

We used the Deco Foil™ Adhesive Pen and their beautiful Deco Foil™ Teal Transfer Sheet to add shiny designs to a photo book. They have so many wonderful foil colors to choose from. The pen is a great precise tool too!

deco foil adhesive pen and mixbook photo books



1. Always pre-test for best results. Works on most porous surfaces.

2. Using Deco Foil™ Adhesive Pen gently, either using a stencil or free-hand, draw your design. No pressure is needed. Adhesive will appear cloudy when applied.

3. Let adhesive dry until crystal clear. Dry time is about 10 seconds depending on the amount of adhesive applied and the surrounding temperature. Do not touch adhesive with fingers.

4. Once dry, place foil color side facing up on top of adhesive design.

5. To transfer foil, rub foil with finger using medium/firm pressure over adhesive design. Slowly peel foil sheet away from adhesive.

6. Repeat step 5 as necessary.

SO easy! Check out the little foil additions we made to our photo book. This is such an easy craft to do and it really brings a handcrafted feel to our digital-made photo books.

foil gif

deco-foil-gold-embellishments blue-post-embellishments

Although we free-handed our craft, you can always use a stencil like here. Note that a die cut machine is not required. We hand pressed our designs on.

Get started on your next scrapbook or craft with Mixbook and Therm⋅o⋅web sales this weekend! Save up to 40% + and extra 20% off sales price on ALL Mixbook products with our GRADS code and get FREE shipping on your Therm⋅o⋅web orders over $25.

mixbook sale 

thermoweb sale

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

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