New Summer Travel Photo Books

New Summer Travel Photo Books

mixbook 2016 travel photo books blog “Summertime and the livin’ is easy.” Gershwin wrote that. “Summertime and I’m putting the kids in camp, taking a trip with my oldest to Europe, road tripping to the Grand Canyon, and visiting my folks in Maine.” I wrote that. Welcome Summer of 2016!

Seriously though, sometimes our summers are full of butterflies and stargazing. Other times, we have a summer where we never quite unpack our suitcase between adventures. Both are great in their own right because summer means school is out and the world is our lobster… sorry. I’m thinking about Maine. Mmmm, lobster.

Mixbook wants to help you celebrate and remember your summer for all those long, cold, lobster-free months ahead. Here’s a few ways we think you can do it using our fantastic photo books. And don’t forget, we plan this thinking about your time. All of our designs include snappy technology that lets you upload your photos and use our graphics in the easiest possible approach. That way you can get back to what’s important – being with your family and eating crustaceans dipped in butter. You’re welcome!

So let’s say you’re like my friend Kim who thinks rock climbing in the wilderness is just about the coolest thing ever. And let’s say she has a son, who just happens to have two best friends. And just for giggles, let’s say Kim takes these 3 boys on their first ever rock-climbing extravaganza. Now doesn’t that deserve to be commemorated? Especially if they drag me along to take pictures. (I want documentation so I have proof that my tent-sleeping quota is met.) If this sounds like your summer, you must check out our Outdoor Adventures photo book

outdoor camping tavel photo book mixbook outdoor camping travel photo book mixbook

On the other hand, maybe the best part of your summer is spent out on Nantucket. Maybe you rent a house with another family and you spend your days digging for sea glass and building sand mermaids. The ice cream parlor knows your name and the neighbor’s cat unfortunately knows your dog – does this sound like your summer? Don’t let the joy of that special retreat go amiss. Mixbook has created a stunning Weekend Getaway photo book – with graphics especially designed to capture the essence of your Shangri-La summer.  

weekend getaway travel mixbook photo book

Now in my next life I’m going to be a traveling food writer. I’m going to fly from place to place eating my way around the world, one big bowl of pasta at a time. In this life however, I have to settle for taking a trip with my mom to Antarctica for her 65th birthday. Or escaping reality with my husband on this beach we love in Mexico. Or saving up so my graduate can travel with her friends and her shabby backpack around the Emerald Isle… wait. What am I saying? This doesn’t sound like settling at all. These trips sound amazing!

Mixbook loves to travel. We love exploring new frontiers and revisiting old ones. That’s why we’ve created photo books especially designed for your travel memories. From “sampling” pastries in the south of France to having an architectural voyage inspired by Gaudi – we’ve got your hazelnut éclairs and Sagrada Familia covered.

Travel the World Photo Book


Summer Travel



Modern Geometrics


Happy summer from Mixbook!

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