New Travel Photo Books – and How to Make It Easy to Follow Through

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a nice little travel photo book for every adventure you take? You may think you don’t have the time. We’re here to tell you otherwise, share our new favorite travel books, and give you the trick that will make your photo book come together effortlessly. Chances are, you have a fun little getaway coming up. And we’re going to take a wild guess and say it’s likely that you hardly have time to plan it. We’ll even go further to conjecture that once you’re back, you’re full speed ahead with little time to reflect.

Travel Photo Books

This full-life, no-time scenario is reality for a lot of us, but there’s one simple trick to making sure you come away with a nice, printed photo book within a few weeks of your trip: edit your photos as you take them. That’s it!

Say you’re at the beach and you take five photos of your kids jumping in the waves. Once you’re back in the car and can review the shots you got, delete all but one. And say you see a picturesque composition shadow on a door, which makes you get all artsy and take 20 pics from 20 different angles. Again, delete, delete, delete. The reason is this:

When you get home from your vacation, all you will have to do is upload your shots into a single folder in your photo software – knowing there’s no editing to do. Then, simply open one of Mixbook’s great travel-themed photo books, upload your photos and click “Auto Fill.” From there, you can do minimal tweaks, then get it printed! All tolled, the process might take 10 minutes. And we’re sure you have 10 minutes.

Here are our favorite new photo books to choose from!

Mixbook’s new City Travels photo book is a minimalist, hipster design with retro icons and gorgeous typefaces. Bold phrases on a handful of layouts underscore the pull of wanderlust, and stylish labels help tag where in the world you went.

City Travels Photo Book

Mixbook’s Hand Lettered Travel photo book lets the remarkable beauty of all your discoveries shine through. Lots of white space, along with perpendicular alignment of photos and geometric design elements create a composition that’s alive with personality and rich with memories.

Travel Photo Books

The Live to Travel photo book pairs whimsical scrapbook-style photo arrangement with playful icons that denote travel, like cruise ships, bikes, taxis, luggage tags and airplanes. A handful of quotes highlight the vital role of travel in our lives.

Live To Travel Photo Book

Mixbook’s Kraft Travel photo book is perfect for anyone with a penchant for DIY style. Every design element – from Kraft paper backdrops, map backgrounds, travel icons, fun quotes, and playful photo frames – comes together to create a composition that’s personal, lively and endearing.

Travel Photo Book Ideas

Ideal for chronicling a summer getaway, Mixbook’s Sensational Summer photo book is a brilliant mix of color filters, fun photo layouts, and iconic graphics that together create a mood of magical escape.

Sensational Summer Photo Book

Happy Summer! Happy Mixbooking!

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