Introducing the Newest Wedding Invitations from Mixbook!

Introducing the Newest Wedding Invitations from Mixbook!

Wow – a wedding to plan! Crazy! Crazy exciting! While you’ve probably been looking forward to getting married ever since the moment you knew he was the one, there’s something funny about you and him becoming bride and groom. There’s no denying that you’re ready. That this is real. That this is huge. And that you two – of all people – are up to it. But a wedding is so formal, so buttoned up! And everyone will be there.

Okay, breathe. Let’s take a step back. Remember that this day is about the two of you. Your wedding – while the serious and solemn side is there (and you want it to be) – is about you. It’s about honoring your authentic selves as a couple that has what it takes to take on everything and anything that comes your way. From the moment you choose your venue to the day of the celebration itself, it’s about genuinely summing up what you believe is right and good and lasting in love – and finding the right ways to share that with your loved ones. So – starting with your wedding invitation, which is the very first communication you’ll have with your guests on the subject – it’s key to capture the spirit of the two of you together.

Here are a few of our favorite new wedding invitations from Mixbook that capture all that’s trendy, fresh and modern – and all that’s timeless – when it comes to great love….

The Trend: Watercolors With watercolors, there’s a surprising intensity that comes through even with a delicate wash of color. Maybe you and your groom-to-be love the way the look conveys both fluidity and fortitude and what that represents, – or maybe you just love the vibrant pastels. Whether you’re waxing philosophical on the matter or not, there’s no denying that the look is on-trend and easily adapted to an overarching wedding theme – from painterly pastel dresses and watercolor-inspired ties and gorgeous spring flowers. Mixbook’s new Watercolor Spring Florals and Whimsical Watercolor wedding invitations are two perfect picks for announcing your big day.

The Trend: Stylized Botanicals At once streamlined and undeniably sweet, stylized botanicals are perfect for creating a wedding celebration that’s both modern and classic. Barely-there pale pastels showcase the intensity of black or walnut accents for a look that’s as chic as is straight-up pretty. Mixbook’s Floral Sprig and Wedding Florals invitations are both fashion-forward designs ideal for casually elegant garden celebrations or relaxed church weddings.

The Trend: Modern Lace With all the highly ornamented elegance of bridal threadwork combined with a minimalist aesthetic of using lots of visual white space, Mixbook’s latest lace-inspired wedding invitations are breathtaking in how well they balance traditional with modern. It’s a theme you can carry all the way through your wedding celebration, pairing elements of great formality with moments of simplicity bordering on austere.

The Trend: Typography It’s quite remarkable how beautiful letterforms can – all by themselves – create an elegant and unique wedding invitation. Mixbook has a broad range of wedding invitations that celebrate the simple beauty of well-set type alongside perfect little design elements. We’ve chosen our four favorite here new designs to showcase today, but there are many more options to choose from!

The Trend: Love Birds In a category of its own…Mixbook’s Sweet Swans wedding invitation marries design inspiration from lots of current trends – great typography, a quiet palette and minimalist design – to create a simply beautiful wedding invitation that celebrates the world’s most romantic love birds – you two!

Congratulations, all you love birds! Happy Mixbooking!

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