Message Ideas for Your New Year's Greeting Card

Whether you never got around to sending out photo Christmas cards, holiday cards or you’d simply rather focus on starting off the next twelve months right, putting a season’s greeting photo card in the mail is a great way to send your best wishes to everyone you care about. There are three general reasons to send a New Year’s greeting card. Read on to determine what type you’re looking to send and get some ideas for how to make them unique.

Happy 2013!

Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Greeting Card Messages

Just Saying Hello With mounds of cards piling up in the mailbox in the month of December, you may be interested in sending out a New Year’s photo card just to set yours apart. Or maybe, like me, you love nothing more than posting all your friends’ holiday cards on the fridge so you can look at their fabulous faces all year long…and yet you’re always mildly vexed by the fact that this means you have holly berries and Christmas trees as part of your décor in June. The New Year’s card eliminates that entire quandary! If this is your deal…or if you sort of never got to the task of creating a holiday card…approach your New Year’s card the same way you would a Christmas card. Send good wishes and lots of love along with a photograph of you and your family, your favorite pet or even just a beautiful sunset.

Bright New Year
A Bold Year

Greatness to Anticipate You might be getting married or expecting a baby or something wonderfully huge like that. Or you might just be really psyched that the next season of Mad Men is that much closer. Either way, a New Year’s card is a fabulous way to either announce your news or evangelize it. Find a creative way to show you’re engaged – a thrilled smile and a gratuitous ring shot is fine, but play around with other more subtle ways to send the message. Likewise, if you’re expecting a child, snap a photo featuring the mom-to-be wearing a T-shirt that says “2013, baby!” over an adorable baby bump or something similar. And if you’re living for the next season of Mad Men or a big upcoming bowl game, snap a pic that shows you and your significant other, kids, pets, etc. dressed in appropriate costume, be it smoking jackets and handkerchiefs or face paint and foam fingers.

Colorful Mod Typography
New Beginnings

Crap to Recover From And if you’re ready to throw 2012 to the curb, there’s never been a better reason to send the message that you’re moving on! If 2012 simply sucked, I guarantee your friends are feeling your pain with you, and there’s nothing better than going big with your readiness for a squeaky-clean calendar. Have a friend take a picture of you and your significant others wearing T-shirts that have 2012 with a big fat red X through it. A strong statement like that pairs perfectly with a contrasting visage; let your face appear content and happy while your printed message does the talking. Or take the opportunity to make light of all the scrapping that took place between your adolescent children last year with a funny photo of them fake strangling each other and a note like “Wishing You Peace in the New Year.”

Peaceful New Year

No matter what you have to look forward to – or what you’re leaving behind – the New Year is a great time to look inward and reflect, but then also to send forth your intentions for the next twelve months. Just as sharing a New Year’s resolution makes you more likely to follow through, sending a Happy New Year’s photo card that represents your hopes and aspirations for the year ahead makes it more likely that you’ll make it a reality.

Happy dreaming up the year ahead! Happy Mixbooking!

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