Father's Day Gift Idea: All-New Personalized Note Cards

Men love stationery—whether they’ll admit it or not. Don Draper makes the art of handwritten correspondence look hip (even if he does delegate the actual task to his secretary). Ron Burgundy boasts, “I have many leather-bound books (and monogrammed note cards, we can safely assume) and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”

This Father’s Day, make it easy for Dad to resurrect the long-lost art of note writing. Give him an air of dignity and sense of importance with a set of fully personalized note cards. Just in time for Father’s Day, Mixbook has 25 customizable designs that are every bit as handsome as your old man.

striped monogram note card

For the gentleman whose taste is timeless, we’ve got Striped Monogram (pictured above), Classic Gentleman, and Westwood—all note cards that feature manly monograms.

woodland note card

For the outdoorsy adventurer, we’ve got Navigator, Still Mountains, and Woodland (pictured above)—all note cards featuring elements found in nature.

skyline note card

For the traveling businessman whose corner office overlooks busy city streets, we’ve got First Class, The Skyline (pictured above), and Office Chair—all note cards that echo Dad’s daily high-powered activities (after closing a big deal, he’ll surely reach for a note card to send personal thanks to his client). Browse all 25 dignified designs!

Prices start as low as $1.09 per note card. Customize note cards for your dad today!

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