And Our Dad’s Got Talent Winners Are…

Join us in congratulating all the winners in our Dad’s Got Talent Contest! Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations Melina, the grand prize winner of the $1,500 Best Buy Gift Card! Melina’s entry of “Great Fisherman” received almost 2000 votes! According to Melina, her dad loves to fish and is the “best fisherman I know!” Catching a fish that big is definitely a talent!

We'd also like to recognize our five honorable mention first prize winners (in no particular order). Each winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!

Rebecca Gruber from Lil Sugar awarded Chris the “Most Heroic” award!

Most Heroic

Thank you Madison for submitting “Daddy says goodbye to his princess.” This photo was taken while her dad, Chris, was visiting home after serving in Afghanistan for almost a year!

Trey Burley from Daddy Mojo picked the entry below as the “Most Loving!”

Best Catch

This Dad, Brian, goes out of his way to make sure his daughters are taken care of! The photo above was taken during a fishing trip, one of many he likes to take with his two little ones!

Jen Matsuka from Mommy Instincts gave the Funniest Dad award to…

Funniest Dad

“Daddy of the Dummies” entered by Faith! Faith’s Dad, Kevin, is a ventriloquist! He has the special talent of turning any frown upside down and even owns his own business, Animated Puppets! 

Shannon Hughes from Happy Hour Mom gave this dad the “Greatest Protector” award!

The Protector

Thank you Patty for submitting this entry of the “Protector!” This Dad not only protects the USA, but also his entire family! He’s been deployed for almost two years, making sure everyone is safe! Now that’s talent!

Jen Austin from Utah Mom Blog was amazed at this top decorator, which is why she awarded him "Master Chef."

Master Chef

This Dad loves decorating cakes, and also taught his daughter how to master his special talent! In the photo above, he’s actually decorating his daughter’s wedding cake!

Thank you to the judges for their amazing choices! Don’t forget to check out their awesome blogs!

*More information on our guest judges can be found here.

Overall, we’d like to thank all of you who entered, shared, and voted in our Dad’s Got Talent contest! Stay tuned, there may just be another contest coming up soon…

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