Ideas for Creating Personalized Thanksgiving Cards

In my book, there’s no better holiday than Thanksgiving because it’s all about sharing a meal together and being grateful for one another – and it doesn’t revolve around gifts, just meaning and memories. Abstract Thanks

Since Thanksgiving is defined by gratitude for family and friends, a custom Thanksgiving photo card is a wonderful way to express your thankfulness. Perfect for loved ones who are too far away to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal, a photo card is a great way to share a heartwarming smile. Create your custom “Happy Thanksgiving” flat or folded card by choosing a photo or a series of photos that represent the source of your gratitude. For a family card, a picture of kids and grandkids or relatives across several generations is ideal. A picture of a beloved family pet – loyal and abiding – is also a great choice to include in a Thanksgiving card.

Happy Turkey Day

Give Thanks for Family & Friends with Humor What would life be without humor? I for one am thankful for any and every opportunity to laugh. If you and your family can relate, create a Thanksgiving card that pays as much homage to the funny bone as the wishbone. I used Mixbook’s Thanksgiving stickers to put pilgrim hats on these two little cuties, but you can also play around with putting piecrusts around the faces of family members and pets. Or simply put a few extra turkeys in your family portrait. I also added a favorite Thanksgiving poem to the reverse of this greeting card. For families with kids, it provides a great opportunity to sit down together and read the festive and funny poem aloud. And for families without kids, it’s a lighthearted reminder of the silly side of celebrating.

Thanksgiving Greeting Card

Give Thanks for Family & Friends with Warmth With all the activity and chaos of everyday life, sometimes it’s just plain comforting to send (and receive) beautiful family portraits where everyone’s smiling and together. It’s a way to give thanks for our closeness and the beauty of family and friends of all ages. For a straightforward family photo, choose any one of Mixbook’s Thanksgiving greeting card templates that accommodates a picture. I love the simple composition of the Elegant Plaque card, which frames your photo in flattering green.

Elegant Plaque

Transparent Leaves

Give Thanks for Clients and Colleagues While Thanksgiving is typically thought of as a family-oriented celebration, it can be really value affirming to celebrate this important holiday in the office. Consider doing something unique and heartwarming within your work place and create a custom Thanksgiving photo card for clients and colleagues. A photograph of several team members can be a thoughtful gesture for people you work with both internal and external to your organization. A group photograph of a large team can be a great way to say “thanks” to your hardworking department, building morale both by recognizing hard work and the universal reason we work so hard – to be able to spend quality time with the people we love.

Thanksgiving Card

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Mixbooking!

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