Share Your Gratitude with Personalized Thanksgiving Cards

Whether you’re simply sharing your heartfelt gratitude with friends and family, or inviting them to join you for Thanksgiving, there’s no better way than sending a printed card. While you can certainly invite guests or wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving by phone or email, there’s something about getting a personalized card in the mail that really embodies the spirit of the holiday. It says you planned ahead, made a deliberate decision to reflect on your gratitude or to include someone at your dinner table. It’s subtle, but it means a lot. Here are a few of our favorite ways to share in the heartwarming act of being thankful together. The Invitation We share meals with family daily and with friends weekly, but Thanksgiving is different. Pique anticipation early by sending out a printed Thanksgiving dinner invitation requesting your guests’ presence at the table. Mixbook’s Whimsical Thanksgiving invitation captures the windswept perfection of colorful fall leaves and makes for a lovely way to summon friends and family to the most celebrated meal of the year.

Personalized Thanksgiving Cards

The Collage With a faux bois ground and wreathed garlands of fall leaves, Mixbook’s Rustic Country Thanksgiving greeting card is perfect for showcasing a series of three photos. Choose images that represent three different sources of gratitude, or display a series of three photos that capture unfettered joy. Alternatively, Mixbook’s Thankful Collage Thanksgiving card positions four photos on a textural wood background, for a feeling of warmth and well being that aligns beautifully with the spirit of the season.

Rustic Thanksgiving CardsPersonalized Thanksgiving Cards

The Leaf Pile There’s nothing that says autumn more than colorful fall leaves. And there’s nothing that says autumn fun more than pictures of the kids playing in a pile of colorful fall leaves. Mixbook’s Leaves on Kraft Thanksgiving card is ideal for showcasing a big photo of frolicking in the front yard. The Kraft paper backdrop lends a crafty feel to match what happens after the outdoor play: hot cocoa and crafting by the fireplace, of course!

Thanksgiving Cards

The Portrait Sometimes a single photograph says it all – gratitude, love, playfulness. In short, this one picture captures everything that really matters. If you’re lucky enough to have such a gorgeous portrait, Mixbook’s Damask Giving Thanks or Transparent Leaves greeting cards share it far and wide. After all, an image like this will put smiles on people’s faces – and that’s just not something you should ever keep to yourself. Share that warmth far and wide.

Custom Thanksgiving CardsThanksgiving Cards

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