Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

There’s more to Valentine’s Day than candy hearts and cupcakes. Wrap up custom-made gifts that will bring a little love to your favorite people year-round. I’ve gathered my top six picks for inexpensive ways to surprise your great grandma, best friends, little buddies and beloved family members. At Mixbook, we <3 getting creative – taking something cool and making it cooler and more personal in the process. Each of the mini-projects below takes a template and changes it just a little bit, for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift that’s truly affordable for you and truly enjoyable for them.

They’ll <3 Stationery! Create custom heart-themed stationery that can be enjoyed year-round by choosing a Mixbook Valentine’s Day card and changing it to feature the universal symbol for love without mention of the holiday. It makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift – but one that won’t be put away once the doily decorations come down. In place of any text that reads “Happy Valentines Day,” simply replace it with a phrase like “sending lots of love” or something fun like “from the kissing booth of kara bond.”

Love You Tiled Hearts Four Square Hearts"Love You, Tiled Hearts, and Four Square Hearts"

They’ll <3 Coupons! Create a book of blank coupons so your loved ones can pay it forward when they get your gift. Start with the Valentine Coupon template and modify the theme from there. Leave the “To” field blank so it can be handwritten in later, insert your sweetie’s name, then add an expiration date that’s open-ended like, say, “tomorrow” or, even better, “never.”

Valentine Coupon You can also check out Mixbook's mini Valentine Coupons book:

Valentine Coupons Photo Book

They’ll <3 Calendars! Create a custom calendar to give as a gift. Add in all your real anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, then add funny little notes that reference inside jokes. You can also make up holidays like “National Call Your Nanna Day” or whatever other holiday you’d like to make official in print. Don’t forget to sprinkle in lots of photos featuring plenty of PDA – drop them into collages or drag them onto specific days.

Vintage Charm Calendar Color Blocking Seasons

They’ll <3 Greeting Cards! Gift a box of custom greeting cards with a warm sentiment on the front – and a photo of the recipient on the interior. Everyone loves to get cards in the mail, so make sure your loved ones are stocked up on special greeting cards that can be used throughout the year for any number of thoughtful missives. They’ll think of you every time they use them – and they’ll be sharing the love at the same time. Win, win!

Always on My Mind"Always on My Mind"

They’ll <3 Thank-You Cards! Mixbook’s Floral Heart thank-you cards are so sweet as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, but one that will warm their hearts every time they want to say thanks. And their first thank-you will likely be to you! Add a note to the interior like “from the bottom of my heart,” or make it even more personal by including a name or nickname.

Floral Heart Thank  You"Floral Heart"

They’ll <3 Note Cards! Everyone should have personalized note cards. And these wedding receptions cards are perfect for repurposing as custom stationery. They’re especially appropriate if the person you're giving them to has just gotten engaged or married – they’ll certainly have lots of opportunities to correspond with friends and relatives. Simply click on the “modify theme” button and alter the text as needed.

Two Hearts"Two Hearts"

They’ll <3 your Valentine’s Day gift! Happy Mixbooking!

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