New Editor Feature: Use a Photo as a Background with One Simple Click

Photo Background Fill Button

This just in! Our photo tool bar has a new resident and a revamped button!

If you’ve been in the editor lately, you may have noticed a change and  an addition. Right after the clockwise rotation button, you’ll see our flip button has changed!

Old Flip New FlipDon’t worry, although the flip button has gotten a makeover, it still does its same tried and true job of flipping your photos across a horizontal axis.

Now, on to the more exciting release of our new photo tool bar resident.

Photo Fill Background ButtonBack in the good old days, if you didn’t want to upload your photo as a background, you had to stretch the photo over the page, account for bleed and trim areas, remove the border, and position your photo. Well, those prehistoric days are gone! This new “Photo Background Fill” button will automatically do all those things for you! All that’s left for you to do is to use the panning hand to ensure that the correct part of your photo is showing. :)

How do we use this feature? It’s really quite simple! First, drag the photo you want to use onto the page. Next, click on the button and your photo will automatically be set as the background.

Photo Background Fill Process*Please note: If you want other photos on top of the background, you will want to add the background photo last. The “Photo Background Fill” button will automatically send the background to the back!

Apply Background Photo Last

We hope you enjoy using this new feature! For some full page photo inspiration, check out the following project put together by none other than the Mixbook staff:

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

**Insider Tip: To get the best looking full page spread, make sure your photo is at least 2MB at 300 dpi.

We cannot wait to see how wonderfully your books turn out with photo backgrounds! Happy Mixbooking!

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