How Do Your Photo Habits Stack Up?

How Do Your Photo Habits Stack Up?

How Do Your Photo Habits Stack Up?

We’re always excited to learn more about how people are taking and using their photos. And, we thought Mixbook customers would like to see what other people do and get some new ideas. We recently completed an informal survey of 750 consumers to better understand their photo habits and to learn their plans for 2019. Below, we share a few of the key findings.

Consumers Are Taking Lots of Pictures

We wanted to know how many photos people plan to take this year. Consumers told us that nearly half expect to take up to 500 photos this year. Fifty-two percent of those age 45 to 60, 47 percent of people 30 to 44 and 40 percent of respondents 18 to 29, gave this response. 


50% expect to take up to 500 photos this year.

We asked people what would cause them to switch where they print and organize their photos.  Just over 60 percent said lower prices would do the trick, 48 percent said ease of use and 46 percent cited quality of prints. If you use Mixbook or are thinking about trying Mixbook – lower prices, easy-to-use solutions and the high quality of our prints are what we are known for.

respondents have more than 1,000 photos on their phones


People have more than 1,000 photos on their phones

 Younger consumers are leading the charge when it comes to taking more pictures. Nearly 30 percent of those 18 to 44 plan to take at least 20 percent more pictures this year.

Women Are the Power Photographers

Women hold the lead when it comes to taking pictures. Ten percent of women will take 2,500 or more pictures this year, compared to just 2 percent of men. A quarter of women will take 500 to 1,500 pictures, compared to just 18 percent of men. Two-thirds of women are driven by lower prices as compared to 57 percent of men and are also more focused on ease of use. Women are significantly more likely to have over 1,000 photos on their phones versus men.  


10% of women will take 2,500+ pictures this year

Kids Are the Top Photo Subject

Consumers of all ages tend to take the most photos of their kids. Boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses were next. Photos of pets were a distant third among most consumers.

Mixbook0118_ACRYLIC_14 (1).jpg

 Do you want to get some of those pictures out of your phone and onto your walls? How about taking more pictures of your spouse and turning them into a calendar? Maybe start thinking about your holiday cards now and remember to include your pet? If you’re thinking about new projects with your photos, Mixbook has the answer and our affordable prices, ease of use and quality of prints clearly fit with what consumers are looking for.

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