Wedding Planning List - Your Wedding Timeline

Wedding Planning List - Your Wedding Timeline

Your Wedding Timeline and the Mixbook Wedding Collection

It’s that time of the year! As we enter wedding season, it can be so incredibly exciting, but also may seem overwhelming and stressful. Don’t stress! Mixbook is here to help you out! Read our brief wedding timeline to get started.  

When do I take my engagement pictures for my wedding?

(1 - 2 months following engagement)

Enough time for save the dates of course! It is a general rule of thumb that engagement photos should be taken about 1- 2 months following the engagement. Before you can get too carried away with the wedding planning details, get those engagement pictures taken! From there, save the dates and the rest of the exciting wedding planning can commence. Engagement pictures are usually the first step following an engagement and are often the pictures that are used throughout the wedding journey.


Need help putting together your save the dates? Check out our customized and themed options on our website!

Next step, find that photographer!

When to book your wedding photographer?

(At least 9  - 10 months before the wedding date)

Of course a wedding photographer is an essential part to a wedding, but when is the best time to get one booked for your special day? The common suggestion for that time frame is about 9 - 10 months prior to the wedding date. Make sure to spend a good chunk of time researching when looking for your photographer. It is a special day so make sure the photographer you hire’s vision and style is similar to your own.

When do I send my wedding invitations?

6 - 8 weeks prior to the wedding)


You have the venue, date, time, guest list all set and now it is time to send out the invites. This is getting exciting! It is commonly recommended to send out the wedding invites around 6 - 8 weeks prior to the wedding date as this will allow your guests a significant time to clear their schedule, find accommodations, etc. Along with save the dates, wedding invites are a memorable part of the wedding process. Make sure you are creating your wedding invite exactly how you want it with the help of Mixbook. Our award winning 2019 wedding collection will help you put together your dream wedding invite that everyone will remember:

Your wedding was a beautiful success, but now what do I do with all my pictures?

Thank you notes, calendars, photo books, anniversary gifts, oh my! The list goes on and on, but those are a few of the most popular uses of wedding photos. The first step after the wedding has come to a close is to send out the always important thank you notes. Mixbook is here to guide you through this whole process with our very own thank you cards.


How about  all of those beautiful photos from your special day? Make your very own Mixbook wedding photo book! Whether it is a Modern Wedding, Timeless Wedding, Rustic Chic Wedding or any one of our eye catching themes, find the perfect collection to capture your own wedding day.

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5 Apps to Edit High Quality Photos for Your Photo Book

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