Mixbook Photo Card Idea: Recipe Cards

We've shown you lots of ideas to inspire you to create beautiful photo book projects. However, in this entry, we're going to share a photo card idea instead! Most of the card themes we provide you with are for party invites, holiday photo cards, or photo birth announcements, but there is actually so much more you can do! Mixbooker (and Mixbook staff member) Veronica started with a blank card and was able to create a one of a kind recipe card. With the holidays coming up, why not order a set for the chef in the family? Are you the chef? Why not share one of your favorite recipes with friends and family? Read on to learn how easy it was for Veronica to create this card!

Mixbook: How did you start creating this card? Did you start from scratch or did you tweak a card theme? Veronica: I started this card from scratch. I first went to the stickers and backgrounds tab to add all the cooking, baking, and kitchen type of stickers to the card - in order to get an idea of what stickers were available and what kind of color scheme I would be able to work with. I then did the same for backgrounds. I found that most of stickers I added had soft hues and a vintage feel, so I decided to go with a pink color scheme.

I love layering stickers and piecing them together, as well as resizing different stickers to create "scenes". So for this card, the area created to write the ingredients and method is actually 3 layers of 6 stickers. These stickers couldn't be resized to fit the dimensions of the card, so in order to create the illusion of 1 larger sticker, I resized one sticker, then copy and pasted it to fit. To create the "cooking scene" with recipe books and cooking utensils, I resized all of the stickers so they would all fit on the yellow table. I then played with rotating them. so they sat naturally.

Ingredients and InstructionsMB: How long did it take for you to finish? V: It took me about 2 days to finish. There were so many options that I kept changing my mind!

MB: How difficult was it to find the stickers and backgrounds you used? V: It was very easy to find the stickers and backgrounds. I just tried varying keywords like "baking", "kitchen", "recipe", etc., to make sure I had all of the possible stickers to utilize for my card.

MB: Any tips for users who've never created a recipe card before? V: While you may have the temptation to add all of the cute stickers we have, make sure to leave enough room to write the recipe so it will be legible and easy to refer to when cooking.

GrandMa's Apple PieMB: Do you have a favorite recipe? V: My favorite recipe would probably have to be my mother's "lazy enchilada casserole". Layers of flour/corn tortillas with layers of filling (meat/chicken or potatoes and soyrizo for vegetarian alternative), mixed with red enchilada sauce and cheese.

MB: Anything else you'd like to add? V: Think outside of the box! With the Mixbook editor, you can really customize and play around with different elements, so why not experiment with the drop shadow tool or sticker/photo reflection to see what kind of cool effect you can create? :)

We hope this entry has inspired you to create your own recipe cards! If you've got any questions about the project, ask away in the comment section below. If you've got any tasty recipes to share, please let us know as well! We could all use a few more recipes in our recipe box! As a treat, we've also made this card available to you! :) Click here to access the project. Directions to copy the project to your account can be found in the description of the project. Enjoy!

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