Photography Tip: The Rule of Thirds

Our previous photography tips have consisted of a specific type of photography - from close-up macro shots to playing with shutter speeds, each one has had a specific use case. In this post, we’re going to discuss one simple rule that can be applied to all your photos across the board: the rule of thirds. Thirds PinJust like its title states, this rule has you dividing up your camera’s display into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Imagine the following lines drawn on your camera’s display:

Thirds GridlineThis tic-tac-toe grid acts as a guide to positioning your subject. The four points where the lines intersect (accented by green dots) are your strongest focal points. Your eye is naturally drawn to these areas when viewing a photo. The actual lines are secondary focal points - what you take in after you’ve seen the main point of the photo.

For the most aesthetically pleasing photos, you’ll want to place the most important part of your photo on one of these points. Because the eye is naturally drawn to this area, you will be able to create a stronger photo.

These photos are placed in a layout from our Arts and Crafts theme.Vertical Thirds
Secondary elements in your photo should be placed along one of the lines. This creates a natural flow to your photo, giving you a stronger composition.

These photos are placed in a layout from our Tropical Cruise theme.Horizontal Thirds
If your photos don’t exactly follow this rule, do not fret! You can always crop your photo to create a more artistic one. Try cropping horizontally, as well as vertically, to see all your possibilities. Zooming is another option available to get that perfect shot.

These photos are placed in a layout from our Vintage Baseball theme.Zoom and Crop Thirds
Keep in mind the rule of thirds is a guideline that isn’t set in stone! If your photos generally follow this rule, chances are you’re taking great photos. But remember, when it all comes down to it, these photos are for you and your memories, so take photos that are pleasing to you and tell your story! We can’t wait to see your new projects. Happy Mixbooking!

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