Share Your Photo Books on Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps!

One of the great things about Mixbook is the ability to share your projects. You can e-mail projects to friends, post them onto Facebook walls or post them to your blog or homepage. Today, we’ll show how easy it is to add a Mixbook project to your blog. It only takes three easy steps. Step One Log-in to your Mixbook account and click on the project you would like to share. From the preview page, scroll down to the “About this Mixbook” section. Here you will find your “Embed” code. You’ll want to highlight and copy this entire code.

Embed Code

Step Two Next, log-in to your blog or webpage account and edit the page in HTML mode. You'll want to paste the embed code from above into the editing area or your blog. The screen shot below shows the Wordpress platform. Notice that we are pasting the code in the “HTML” tab and not the “Visual” tab.

Editing HTMLStep Three Save your changes and you’ll be able to view your project on your blog or web page! The project being displayed below is an example of what an embedded project looks like.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Cards

A note on sharing projects: In order for others to view your project, you’ll want to make sure your project is set to a public setting. Remember, while our example uses a photo book project, the same steps can be used to share cards and calendars!

Why do this? Sharing to a large group has never been easier! If you’ve made a family history book, you can post the Mixbook project onto the extended family website. Instead of trying to remember everyone’s e-mail, it’s posted to a central page! This is also especially beneficial for teachers. Keep parents up to date on every day classroom happenings by posting your projects to your classroom page. You can create and update the classroom yearbook or even share student projects with the rest of the class. The possibilities are endless!

No project to share? No worries, start your Mixbook now!

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