Editor Tip: Sorting Photos in Your Mixbook Projects

Each week, millions of photos are uploaded into our Mixbook editor. Whether you’re creating a Year in Review or a Bridal Magazine, multiple photos are needed to complete the project. To help you get through all the photos and finish your project quickly, our editor has an every so handy photo sorting and filtering feature! Sorting Photos The Mixbook editor currently has three options to sort your photos. These options can be selected in the drop down menu at the bottom of the photo tray.

Sort Drop Down OptionsDate Taken This is the editor’s default sorting option. The editor will sort your photos based on the date the photo was taken. They are sorted in descending order, the photos taken most recently appearing at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. Tip: Every photo has the date imprinted into its file, so make sure the date settings on your camera are correct!

Date Added This option will sort your photos based on when they were uploaded into the project. They are also displayed in descending order, the photos uploaded most recently appearing at the top.

Usage This option takes a look at how many times a photo has been used in your project. Those used more often will appear at the top, and those that have not been used will appear at the bottom.

If you prefer to only use a photo once, you can always check the “Hide Used” box.

Hide Used CheckedIf this option is checked, your photo tray will only display photos that have not yet been placed into your project.

Filtering Photos Aside from sorting photos, you also have the option to filter through your uploaded photos. Our filter feature allows you to look through your photos via file name, date or source. To bring up the Filter field, click on the magnifying glass located under the camera icon of the Photos tab.

Filter BoxFilename Enter the name of the photo you are looking for and it will pop up right below the filter box. Tip: Customize filenames when uploading your photos from your camera to your computer. For example, instead of using the standard IMG prefix, use Hawaii to title all your Hawaiian vacation photos. When your photos are uploaded into the Mixbook editor, you can pull up all these photos by typing "Hawaii."

Date If you’re looking for photos between a certain time range, this is a great tool to use. Typing “after:2011-02 before:2011-03” will show you photos taken after February 2011, but before March 2011. Replace the search terms with your month and dates to customize your filter!

Source If you’ve used more than one of our third party services, this filter can be very beneficial. To find all the photos uploaded from Facebook, simply type from:Facebook. This can be done with Instagram, Picasa, and our other alternate uploading sites.

We hope this explanation has been helpful and will allow you to finish those Mixbook projects in record time! Don’t forget, hovering over your thumbnail will provide you with a larger preview of the photo, making it even easier to choose and place your photos. Until next time, happy Mixbooking!

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