Editor Tip: Searching our Sticker & Background Database

Today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret… Well, it’s not really a secret, but it seems to be something that isn’t well known knowledge to many Mixbookers – a hidden gem, you might even say. :) Are you ready for it?

You can search for stickers and backgrounds!

Cue applause and confetti!

But in all seriousness, searching for stickers and backgrounds is a great editor feature that is often neglected, so we wanted to take the time to let you know what you were missing!

From the stickers tab, you will see a field under the Browse Stickers button. Here you can type generic words and just like magic, stickers that fit that description will show up below.

Search Sticker Field

Typing “blue”, for example, will bring up pages and pages of blue stickers that can be found in our sticker database. This includes cupcakes, tea cups and even the actual word blue (colored blue of course)!

Sample Sticker Options

Another example is the word “Zoo”. This brings up animals, the text “Fun at the Zoo” and other zoo related signs!

Zoo Sticker Options

We’ll warn you now, some words may be a tad toospecific, but don’t give up hope. Simply think of a different way to describe the sticker and you may just find it!

BG Search Field
Blue BG Options

The background search feature is similar to the sticker search. Under the Add Backgrounds button you’ll see the same search field. While you can’t search specific words, such as "zoo", backgrounds are sorted into different categories. We’ll use our blue example one more time. As you can see, typing “blue” brings about an array of backgrounds that have some type of blue. Another search term you can use is “holiday.” This will pull up the different holiday themed backgrounds we have, not limited to the winter holidays. The screen shot below shows heart backgrounds for Valentines day, a candy corn background for Halloween, and even two of our Father’s Day backgrounds.

Holiday Backgrounds

The great thing about this feature is that the search goes through our entire database. That means we’ll be searching for stickers and backgrounds across all three products: cards, calendars and photo books. Your options will not be as limited as clicking the Browse Stickers/Backgrounds button. And don’t forget, if you still cant find the sticker you’re looking for, do a Google search for it and upload your own stickers. Now, let’s get to searching!

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