Four Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The key to a successful summer party is keeping it simple and staying on theme. Start by picking a festive party idea that plays into warm-weather fun. Choose one special snack and one special activity – and keep everything else low key. These parties you see all over Pinterest where every single detail is on-theme – well, it’s just gone too far. Not only is it way too much work for any one person to pull off quote-unquote perfect parties, guests tend to feel boxed in by the preciousness of it all. So by all means, pick a party theme so the celebration feels extra-special, but let yourself off the hook when it comes to all the extra work. Kids just want to be pointed in the direction of fun, not spoon-fed branded festivity every step of the way.

Pirate Party with Treasure Hunt Start by personalizing Mixbook’s Ahoy Matey birthday party invitation. For the party itself, fill a real sandbox or a mini bucket-size sandbox with sand and treasure for little kids to dig through. Consider creating a treasure map for kids to follow and find the sandbox at the end – or discover a different bounty altogether. In addition to simple snacks and birthday cake, carve up a pirate-themed watermelon.

Sandbox filled with treasure Sandbox

Pirate watermelon Birthday Party Ideas

"Ahoy Matey" Birthday Party Ideas

 "Pirate Dress Up" Birthday Party Invitations

Make-Your-Own Pizza Party To throw a party centered on every kid’s favorite food, start by sending out Mixbook’s Pizza Party invitation. We love the kids’ pizza party created by the inspired folks of Real Simple Magazine. The main activity can be making handcrafted pies in individual pie plates and customizing the toppings to order. Play a dizzying game of pin the pepperoni on the pizza, and hand out prizes in the form of pizza-making kits or gift certificates to the local pizza joint. And for dessert, consider serving a sweet pizza instead of birthday cake.

Birthday Party Ideas

Pizza Party

Rice Krispies Treats Pizza: Birthday Party Ideas

Outdoor Movie Party There is nothing cooler than screening a movie in the fresh, warm air of summer. To get friends excited, start by sending out Mixbook’s Fabulous Flicks party invitation. Set up a comfy outdoor viewing spot with blankets, pillows and lawn chairs, then wait for the sun to go down. Project the movie of the night onto an outdoor screen or the side of your house. Serve up candy and popcorn as screening snacks. When the movie’s over, turn all the lights out and serve birthday cake glowing with candles in the dark of night! 

Fabulous Flicks Party Invitation

"Paperbox Press Party" Birthday Party Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Party A scavenger hunt is a great way to get the kids out and keep them active. To host a hunt, start by sending out Mixbook’s Scavenger Hunt party invitation. Plan your scavenger hunt to be age appropriate using an online tool like this. If the kids are a little older, they can do a snap-a-photo scavenger hunt using digital cameras. After the hunt’s over, serve up a birthday cake in the shape of a magnifying glass.

Scavenger Hunt Party Invitation

Scavenger Hunt List

Birthday Party Ideas

Pool Party To throw the coolest pool party of summer, start by sending out Mixbook’s Under the Sea party invitation. The design might look like it’s just for little kids, but with a few tweaks, it can be perfect – and funny – for kids of any age. If the party is for littler kids, make some water sponge balls in advance, and hand them out to each child to serve as both fun activity and party favor. If the party’s for older kids, you can have them make their water sponge balls as part of the party. You will be amazed at how much fun kids of all ages love these things! In lieu of birthday cake, serve up mini donuts iced to look like classic life preservers.

Under the Sea Birthday Party Invitation

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy summer partying!

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