Editor Tip: Swapping Pages & Moving Two Page Spreads

The order of your Mixbook project is very important. Whether you’re documenting things chronologically or telling your story in various sections, it’s important to keep a continuous flow to your project. Because Mixbooking is an art, we understand that your creation can’t always be completed in a linear way. Some pages are easier to create, while others need time to be tweaked and perfected. Luckily, the Mixbook editor allows you to swap pages and easily move spreads within your book, allowing you your creative freedom.

Swapping Pages

Mixbook EditorTo swap pages, move your cursor over the page thumbnail, down in the page tray. Once the page is highlighted (you’ll be able to tell because the page will have an orange border), click and drag the page to its new location.

Page TrayOnce you release your mouse, the pages will automatically swap!

**Remember, swapping pages results in a switch in pages. No other pages in the project will be affected by this swap.

Page SwappedIn our example, we swapped pages in the same spread, but pages can be swapped anywhere in the book! This is demonstrated in our video below.

End ResultMoving Spreads Moving a two-page spread is similar to swapping pages. Instead of moving your cursor over the specific page, position it between the two page numbers. This will bring up the gray “Move Spread” bar.

Spread BarClick and drag this bar to move the spread to its desired location.

New PositionJust like with pages, spreads can be moved anywhere in the book! To see this happen “live” in the Mixbook editor, check out our video below:


We hope this quick tutorial has been helpful! If you're interested in the theme used in our examples, head on over here to view the full Princess theme. Happy Mixbooking!

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