5 Clever Ways to Announce An Easter Baby

5 Clever Ways to Announce An Easter Baby


Easter is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy or introduce your already-arrived little one to the world, and there's no better place to do it than on social media. You'll be able to share the news with all the people you care about at once - and you can do it in a clever, fun way.

These are a few of our favorite ideas for Easter baby announcements.

Baby Announcements for Easter

Announcing your pregnancy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your favorite social network is egg-stra fun at Easter because there are so many creative ways to do it.

1. Eggs Symbolize New Life

Use a permanent marker to write "Our little one" on an egg and capture a photo of it in your hands. Take another photo of an egg that you've cracked open and cleaned out; put a slip of paper in it that shows your due date. Put the two photos together in a collage with the intact egg on top and the broken egg on the bottom and share it on your favorite network.

2. Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Dye three eggs - blue for Dad, pink for Mom, and yellow or green for Baby. Write "Mom" and "Dad" on their corresponding eggs, and put your due date on the baby's egg. Place them all in a small wicker basket filled with Easter grass and put a copy of an ultrasound photo above them.


3. Hatching Soon

Decorate a single egg and put it in a small wicker basket. Caption the photo "Hatching on (your due date)." Add small decorative elements, like a tiny banner that says "Baby (your last name)" or scrapbooking stickers such as rattles, bottles and safety pins.

4. Egg-spectant Wordplay

You can get away with plays on words like "We're eggspecting" when you're making a happy announcement, so that phrase makes the perfect caption for a photo of Mom's baby bump over an Easter-themed backdrop.


5. New Peeps in the Family

Grab a chalkboard and some candy Peeps for this clever pregnancy announcement. Write "A new peep is joining our family" with your due date and pose for a series of photos holding the tiny marshmallow ducks. You can double this as a gender-reveal or keep it a secret because Peeps come in pink, blue and yellow.

Easter Birth Announcements for Friends and Family

If your little one makes an Easter appearance, you'll need spring-themed photo birth announcements to share the great news with the people you care about most. Create the perfect card based on your personal style; choose from foil accents, magnetic birth announcements or simple, elegant folded cards. Explore our:

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Boys' birth announcements

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Adoption announcements

How did you mesh Easter and your pregnancy announcement on social media? Share your creative ideas in the comments so other moms and dads can enjoy your story, as well.



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