Mixbook Editor 101: The Backgrounds Tab

Today, we are going to look at the different ways you can manipulate your project backgrounds. While we’ve touched on backgrounds before, learning how to upload them yourself and using the Photo Background Fill Button, we’re going to take a look at yet another way you can alter your backgrounds! Background Options From the Backgrounds Tab, under the Browse Backgrounds button, you will see a color swatch and a button labeled “More.”  The color swatch, of course, allows you to apply a solid color to your page. You can always take advantage of the color tools provided when trying to choose a color. What we’re more interested in, and what we think is more fun, is the “More” button. Clicking on this button will bring up an Advanced Background menu, giving you three additional options: Blend Color, Color Opacity, and Flip Background.

More Background Options

Blend Color and Color Opacity These two tools go hand in hand. The color swatch for “Blend Color” will allow you to put a color on top of your existing background. The “Color Opacity” slider allows you to adjust how apparent the color will be – 0% (sliding all the way to the left) resulting in no color, and 100%(sliding all the way to the right) replacing your background completely. The following screen shots show our background with a color overlay. From left to right, the color opacity increases by 25%.

Blend Color ExampleUsing this method allows you to create new colors and new backgrounds. This can be applied to Mixbook backgrounds and backgrounds you’ve uploaded (including photos!) **Insider Tip: Blending white on your background will give it a light, faded look, while blending black will darken the background.

Flip Background This does exactly what it says. It’ll flip your background on the vertical axis.

Stripes and Photo Background FlipThis can change the direction of diagonal stripes, flip photos, or simply change an accenting part of the background from the left to right. This can be especially useful when uploading premade pages. If the page applies backwards, simply check the Flip Background box and your pre-made page will be applied correctly!

Now that you’ve got your tools, mix and blend away! We’re excited to see what new backgrounds you are able to create with a simple color overlay!

If you’ve missed any of our posts in the Mixbook Editor 101 series, hop on over to this page to catch up! Happy Mixbooking!

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