The Best Photos for Acrylic Prints

The Best Photos for Acrylic Prints

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Prints

Vibrant clarity in a sleek form--Acrylic Prints are the way to go. Featuring luminous colors and a glossy finish, acrylic prints add a modern touch to your home's decor.

Light refracts from the inside to create a beautiful image reflection all around.

Finished with professionally polished edges and thick, waterproof acrylic give it a clean, modern finish. How does someone achieve the best possible clarity from their photo you ask? Here are some tips to help you pick the best photos for acrylic prints.

Q: How do photos look on acrylic?

A: Acrylic is an clear material with a smooth, even surface that allows for wonderful color display. The material adds depth and greater contrast to your photos. The glossy surface creates vibrancy and polished edges give an added light refraction to make your photos pop.

Q: How can I make a great acrylic print?

A: With most photo prints, the greater pixels your photo has the better it will reproduce on a print. If your uploaded photo doesn't have the recommended pixel amount, our editor will display a "Low Resolution" warning. In that case, please choose a smaller acrylic print size or make sure you're using the original file from your digital camera.

Q: Can I use photos from my social media accounts?

A: Yes. Although keep in mind that social media photos are small in pixel size, so we recommend a smaller print size.

Q: What photo do you recommend I print?

A: Great question! Acrylic prints work best with bright, lighter photos. You'll be amazed at how luminous your dreamy Bahamas vacation photos will be as an acrylic print. Lighter hues tend to work best on acrylic prints. The material boosts the contrast of the photos to make them shine in your home.

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