The Creative Growth Collection

The Creative Growth Collection

We've teamed up with Creative Growth, an Oakland-based art center for artists with disabilities, on an exclusive collection featuring unique designs from their artists Casey Byrnes, Maureen Clay, Dan Hamilton, and Nicole Storm.

Creative Growth is a non-profit that serves artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities by providing them with a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition, and representation. We’re thrilled to be able to work with such an innovative non-profit that promotes unbounded creativity.

Creative Growth was founded in 1974 after significant budget cuts had been made to disability services. Serving over 160 artists per week, it is now the oldest and largest art center for people with disabilities in the world. Artists work with a variety of mediums, including ceramics, painting/drawing, fashion, rug-making, carpentry, and more.

This collection of Mixbook cards and stationery is truly one-of-a-kind, and we’re honored to support these four artists and Creative Growth’s mission.

The Artists

Nicole Storm

A Creative Growth resident since 1995, Nicole Storm is known for reaching for whatever material— be in scraps of cardboard or paper grocery bags— is nearby when inspiration strikes. Her work reads like an archaeological record of her own day-to-day experience showcasing her thoughts and observations floating amidst ethereal washes of vibrant acrylics and watercolor.

Daniel Hamilton

Dan Hamilton’s brightly rendered works are always imbued with mystery—polka dotted logs are “loaves” of bread, and he alludes to various animals through simplified four-legged forms. Though Dan has experimented in a variety of media over the course of his residency since 1975, he now focuses primarily on ceramics, refining his signature smooth surfaces punctuated by flat expanses of a pop-infused palette.

Maureen Clay

A resident artist since 1991, Maureen Clay has an intricate sense of graphic design and paints with thickly brushed impasto, layering colors repeatedly until the entire composition has been covered several times. While her work appears abstract, her subjects are often distorted versions of meteors, fish, and food. She employs the use of paint pens to achieve complex, constellations of color, that draws people in and gives the viewer a glimpse of the surreal.

Casey Byrnes

Casey Byrnes is a skilled multi-media artist who creates fantastical pieces that draw on myriad techniques that embody self-expression. When he first began at Creative Growth in 2013, Casey dabbled in painting and drawing, displaying impressive range in both spare compositions and more nature-inspired watercolors. Over the course of his time at the center, his work has grown to include everything from textiles to wood sculpture, including large-scale pieces like a towering wooden bear.

To further support the artist community, 5% of sales of this collection will go back to Creative Growth. Shop this inspiring collection today!

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